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Bring Back the Canceled League of Legends Champions from a Decade Ago - LoL Players Ask Riot to Add This Concept to the Game

League of Legends dates back to a decade ago, and while tons of new champions were added since, many projects have been scraped and never saw the light of day.

In a Reddit thread, a user shared a paper sheet of all 40 champions who were supposed to release with the game a decade ago. Some of them saw their concept slightly change before release, while others simply were canceled.

This was the case for Tab, designed as a Voodoo shaman. On the shared paper sheet, he's shown with a voodoo scepter with a giant skull, a red hat, and a tribal outfit.

This champion was canceled before release, and his abilities later became Yo ricks. He was supposed to be an aggressive support, who could apply rebuffs to opponents and deal over-time damage while regenerating HP when linked to them.

Players commented they were interested in his voodoo concept. Even though his abilities were used for Yo ricks creation later, the characters design is very different from Tabs.

If he was an anti-AP reflect-damage drain tank (sort of like anti-magic Ram mus with more healing than innate resistances), that could be an interesting counter to machine gun mages, wrote a user in the highest-voted comment.

Champions who apply specific rebuffs are rare in the game because they're hard to balance. That said, an AP-countering version of Ram mus would be interesting to see, especially if the champion is designed as a support.

Ideas of play styles involving ideas of Tabs initial project have been resurfacing for years within the community, but it's also a dividing question.

Rebuffs (or curses) take out from the game and having a champion purely about curses would make him either OP or useless, wrote a previous thread top-voted comment on the matter. Its unclear if Riot staff considered this another go afterward, but it certainly be an ambitious project for League.


Meanwhile, Emilio is Leagues upcoming champion, and a Darwin assassin will be next in line.


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