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The easiest, classified Overwatch 2 characters

The original Overwatch was praised by the informal one that was for players who were not necessarily the best in shooting games, and Overwatch 2 also continues that trend to some extent. With that in mind, we have classified the easiest characters to play in Overwatch 2 .

8. Mercy

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

The light of Mercy has definitely attenuated significantly over the years, and it really shows in Overwatch 2. She could boast large cure numbers, but in the 5V5 format, the lack of a fifth member that in fesses some type of damage is quite notable.

That said, Mercy is a great character to start in Overwatch 2 due to how easy it is to cure your team simply following them. She can teach you how to position you effectively in the field, and once you become familiar with the game, you can start changing your expired pistol more frequently to help with the production of damage.

7. Winston

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

Winston fits decently in many game styles, but it is not so efficient in some situations. Its main, Tesla Cannon, triggers a short-range electric walk, but does not close the treatment when it comes to eliminating enemies. His last, Primal Rage, can be difficult to control, which finally leads you to hit the enemies without ending them.

That said, sometimes simply getting the enemies from their position can make a difference.

6. Reinhardt

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

Reinhardt used to be Te favorite tank character, but in Overwatch 2, sees a little less game. However, it is still one of the easiest characters to play if you want to assume the role of tank in the game to see how it is.

Its main objective is to serve as a giant shield for your team, while occasionally throw Fire Strikes and balance it's hammer. The most difficult part to play Reinhardt is to know when to load and when to use your last, which can involve playing with the minds of your opponents.

5. Pike

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

Lucio is the fastest doctor, which is not surprising since he is on skates. It's about accelerating your team, and the best thing about him is that you don't have to worry so much about healing specific teammates Or improving them. His aura makes your teammates in Overwatch 2 have to actively go to you.

4. Torsion

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

The underestimated engineer, Torsion is a great combination of damage and utility. His turrets are practically place and forget, which gives him a secondary source of damage while helping his team with his main fire. His Ult Molten Core also has the potential to create space for your team, and can also close the Kirk Hatsune Rush.

3. Fortress

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

If you want to be a bit more practical than Torsion, Bastion is still a quite easy DPS hero in Overwatch 2. It can be quite mobile on its own and can also become a turret that simply melts shields and low HP characters in sight.

His definitive ability leaves a little to be desired, but it is still a solid choice if you are not too good in DPS roles.

two. Soldier: 76

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

Soldier's main purpose: 76 is to help with the incorporation process for new players who simply enter Overwatch 2, which makes it one of the simplest and easiest and easy-to-play characters. Its main shot comes from its automatic rifle, which is easy to use, and also has the ability to heal itself.

To top it off, its last also gives you temporary automatic targeted capabilities, and it is easy to contribute to your team while playing like him.

1. Moira

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through nbabuymt

Moira is one of the easiest healing characters to use in Overwatch 2, largely thanks to the fact that you really do not need to point with her main and alternative fire. Its healing and damage rays will affect a small area in front of it, and its orbs also help with the production of healing and damage.

While it is easier to counteract it in the highest ranges, it remains a popular support option in competitive games of lower ranges.


And that is done by our selections for the heroes easier to play in Overwatch 2, classified by its usefulness . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including our classification of all DPS heroes, as well as a list of all heroes counters. Related Posts * How to counteract all Overwatch 2 characters * How to complete the Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2 * How to complete the Halloween Knock challenge, Knock in Overwatch 2 * How to complete the Witches Brew challenges in Overwatch 2 * Does Overwatch 2 have anti-cheat? Answered look for more


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