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Who dies in House of the Dragon?

Death is practically a tradition at Game of Thrones by George Rr Martin, and House of the Dragon is no different. No character is safe when the iron throne is involved, and the death count is already increasing despite the fact that the series is in the beginning. Taking into account that the spoilers are ahead, here is who dies in Dragon's house including fire and blood.

Avex: The following article contains large House of the Dragon spoilers and the original material, Fire & Blood.

Who dies in House of the Dragon?

Until now, only four people bit the dust in House of the Dragon, which is nothing compared to Game of Thrones. As of August January 28, 2022, here are all the people who have died so far, what caused it and in what episode.

  • Queen Aemma Arryn -She died giving birth to Baelon Targaryen by Cesarean section (the Dragon Heirs; Season 1, Episode 1). Prince Baelon Targaryen *-He died for complications derived from childbirth (The Heirs of the Dragon; Season 1, Episode 1). Mrs. Torre Alta -died before the dragon's house. Be Ryam Redwyne -died while sleeping (The Rogue Prince; Season 1, Episode 2).

From the deaths listed above, Queen Aemma Arryn and Prince Baelon Targaryen have the greatest impact on House of the Dragon, considering that their deaths finally lead to dragons dance.

Avex: The next section contains even more important spoilers of House of the Dragon and the original material, Fire & Blood.

Who dies in House of the Dragon Book, Fire & Blood?


If the following deaths are expected to develop in the same way, then death is surely on the horizon. Below are all the characters that have been introduced in House of the Dragon so far, along with the way they died in the material of origin, Fire & Blood.

Queen Aemma Arryn *-He died giving birth to Baelon Targaryen by Cesárea. Prince Baelon Targaryen -He died due to complications during childbirth. Mrs. Torre Alta -Dead, although it is never mentioned how. Rhaenyra Targaryen -Eat for the dragon, Sunfyre, under the orders of Aegon II Targaryen * demon Targaryen -assumed dead during the battle over the eye of gods, after jumping from his dragon and immersing himself in his death. Alicent tower -died of winter fever. Be Harold Westerling *-died as an old man. King Viserys I Targaryen -He died of an infection caused by iron throne cuts. Princess Rhaenys Targaryen -Dead burned during a battle with dragons about Rook’s Rest. Lady Laena Velaryon *-He died giving birth to a nameless child. Torre Alta de Otto -Decapitated by Rhaenyra. MISHING -Fully to death when trying to flee from the King's landing. CORLYS VELARYON *-He died as an old man. Be Criston Cole -murdered by arrows, by order of Longleaf The Lionslayer. Mr. Lyonel Fuerte -died in an accidental fire in Harrenhal. Grand Master Mestre *-Died climbing steps in the King's landing. Mr. Lyman Beesbury -died of a chill in the black cells under Keep Red. Laenor Velaryon -killed for being Qarl Corray, a friend of Laenor.

Hobert tower *-dead by poisoned wine. Mr. Rickon Stark *-he died out of Sunspear during Dorne's conquest.

Now you know Who dies in Dragon's house ; However, this is Game of Thrones, so he expects many more deaths than this. To get more information about the Targaryen and his reign, discover how many seasons of House of the Dragon are planned.

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