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Announced Ultra Monster Monster Farm. Monster Farm created from songs and IC cards

On June 28, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced the Nintendo Switch training game Ultra Monster Monster Farm at Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28. It seems to be a title that creates and nurtures monsters that appear in the Ultra series, and aim to win the competition in which monsters fight each other. Looking at the published videos, Ultra Monster Monster Farm seems to be a training simulation game. In addition to large ultra monsters such as Gomola, Zetton, and Baltan alien, Kanegon who helped to train were seen. As you can see from the title of Ultra Monster Monster Farm, this work seems to be a related work of the Monster Farm Monster Farm in the PS era. In addition to the birth of monsters from songs like Monster Farm, it seems that you can read transportation IC cards and create monsters. Monsters that have been created grow by training rival monsters, searching for an unexplored land, and watering crops. In the video, there was one act in which monsters made Ultraman's

Martin Kaymer expects a return of Munich

As a result of the involvement in the LIV opening event in London, funded with millions from Saudi Arabia, Kaymer from the DP World Tour (former European Tour) had actually been fined with a fine of 100,000 English extra pounds (around 116,000 euros). For this purpose, the World Tour players were obstructed for 3 particular tournaments. Kaymer's heart hangs totally on the European Tour Schneider is 15th, Kieffer 26. You don't desire to obtain some permission every week because you have actually played a competition somewhere else, stated Kaymer, two of the year last year. It would be an embarassment if I couldn't play a German tournament in the future. It would certainly be an embarassment if I could not play a German event in the future. Martin Kaymer If the specialists need to proceed to play with the new series, the tour currently announced more permissions. Kaymer had suffered the initial permissions throughout the course of the competition, which is why he had

Activision, Blizzard, the head of the head of Bobby Cotick

Barbie Cotik, CEO of Activity Blizzard, will lead the company for another year. Former Barbie Cotic announced on the 26th that Bobby Cotick will be appointed as CEO by next year at the regular shareholders' meeting. According to the disclosure, 82.9% of shareholders participated in the annual shareholders' meeting on the 21st, and the agenda for the Barbicotics one-year re-credit was approved for 91%. Barbicotics remains in the company until Microsoft's Activity Blizzard ends. Bobby Cotik has served as CEO of Activity for about 30 years from the early days of Activision and has contributed to the establishment of the current Activision Blizzard. However, he has been criticized for emerging as the center of in-house discrimination and sexual harassment in July last year. He was initially reported to have assisted these problems, but he was suspected of gender discrimination by the Wall Street Journal in November last year. In addition, the shareholders' meeting h

WISO Meinbüro cares for it and also presently only costs half

anniversary offer: 50% price cut If you have a medium-sized or little firm, you need WISO Meinbüro: stipulation of offers as well as invoices, write-up, supplier and also client information treatment , in addition to (primary) audit are activities that are dry as well as cost time. WISO Meinbüro relieves you in your everyday workplace life, because the linking of different organization areas and processes will immediately be done for you behind-the-scenes. By attaching company accounts, inbound settlements can also be instantly contrasted with invoices as well as after that uploaded. If the business account links, transfers can additionally be made straight from the software program. In enhancement, the simple connection of web stores makes it possible for quick billing for incoming orders. Conformity with legal demands in service is extremely important. Below WISO Meinbüro ensures that you always act lawfully securely and follow guidelines on the labeling notification commitment.

Best Minecraft Deep Dark Seeds for Bedrock and Java

Deep darkness is an underground biom, which was officially added in Patche Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update. This biom is generated below the Y-Ural 0 and is the only place where the ancient city will appear. But deep darkness is more than just an ancient city-this is a place where a whkulk, blocks of a rolling pin and a formidable guard appear. We looked at the last patch and found some of the most interesting and best Deep Dark Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock and Java versions. List of the best sidov minecraft Deep Dark Best Minecraft Java Mangrove Swamp Seeds Best Minecraft Bedrock Deep Dark Seeds deep sea of dark lava abandoned village mine Snow depths Super Cave mansion above the deep darkness long journey down List of the best sidov minecraft Deep Dark Java 1.19 * abandoned mine of the village : 2780503816113188411 Snow depths : 9024278249556291812 * Root breed 1.19 (Note: Bedrock seeds work in Java, but they generate structures in different ways) *** The mansion above the

We will raise 30,000 future cars by 2030

The government will supply 30,000 future car experts by 2030. To this end, it will invest 15.3 billion won by 2027. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 17th that it plans to promote the future vehicle cycle customized talent development project, which includes the contents at the 'Future Automotive Training Training Business Briefing' held at the Automobile Center on the 17th. The briefing session was designed to explain the human resources training projects, which are being promoted or planned by the government for automotive companies, institutions, and associations, and to cultivate talented people desired by the industry. At the briefing session, the Ministry of Industry said, The industrial technical personnel in the future car are expected to require 10,551 people by 2030. I'm pushing. The Ministry of Industry plans to invest 15.3 billion won by 2027, expanding support and discovering and promoting new projects to supply 30,000 future cars

Exoprimal: nervous gameplay with dinosaurs almost everywhere, brand-new info

Exoprimal was additionally entitled to his quarter of an hour of glory throughout the Capcom Showcase broadcast last night. After unveiling an all new video game trailer, Takuro Hiraoka (the video game supervisor) returned to certain facets, such as Leviathan expert system which guides gamers by means of voice navigating and also an enhanced reality interface. If she can take the type of a humanoid face, she can additionally be embodied by a security drone called watchman. Undoubtedly, it is she that goes to the beginning of the hordes of dinosaurs that the gamers should combat in battle simulations which repeat themselves endlessly. Obviously, Hiraoka-San promises us that it is just by completing the main setting that we will certainly recognize the why of the how. Furthermore, in the primary exoprimal mode, two groups of five gamers will certainly need to contend to win the triumph, the purpose being to complete the leviathan objectives before the opposing group. Removal (eliminat

How to assemble a coin at the Soundwave Series Gen Hoshino concert in Fortnite

Fortnite fans have something to expect, since the Soundwave series returns in the form of a virtual concert with the participation of a cult musician Gene Hosino. Players can get to the concert in the game at a certain time to enjoy the musical holiday. Players can also earn about 40,000 experience and get series Soundwave-Gen Hoshino Spray after watching the concert. How to see the Gen Hoshino Soundwave Series concert in Fortnite How long does the Soundwave Series concert last? where to assemble a coin in Soundwave Series Gen Hoshino in Fortnite How to see the Gen Hoshino Soundwave Series concert in Fortnite To get in line for the concert, the players will need to choose a series of sound waves from Epica choice in game modes Determine tab If you cannot find it on the Detection tab, try adding it Island code for automatic opening the island page: 6831-7094-7130 **. After you stand in line for a concert, enjoy the show and express emotions with everyone else. We reco

Comment: Frank Kramer has to persuade at Schalke 04

In the past ten years, Frank Kramer, that finished the 2012/13 DFB football teacher as the most effective of the year, has currently experienced some undesirable moments as a club train. In 2013 he delegated from the Bundesliga with the SpVgg Greuther Fürth (however, he had actually just taken control of the training setting at the bottom of the table nine weeks earlier, his precursor as head instructor was a particular Mike Büskens at the time). HSV, 9 months later on, Kramer was put at the door by the Fürthers because of showing off failures, it took over again: Büskens. Kramer can assist form the group Do the Schalke employers have a good hand once again? Something is clear: As opposed to a few other candidates, Kramer contended ideal signed up very reduced cases in terms of a mentoring personnel he put together. He approves the general constellation, as it is presently offering. The concern develops: Why do you assume at FC Schalke 04 that Kramer is now precisely the appropriat

PlayStation 5: Rumor: Sackboy as well as Returnal from summer for PC

The individual has sent out proof of his report to the Reddit mediators that stated them to be legitimate as well as thus published the message. Certainly, this does not legitimize the statement itself, however offers his claim a particular emphasis. Reports are flowing on the net through Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Returnal that indicate computer portents. On the Reddit platform, the individual Glockpopp claims that according to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Sackboy is the next title in Sony PC profile. Another customer called EmpressoSony then changed to entertainment and also shared photos, showing the computer menus from Sackboy as well as Returnal: In the menus, establishing to raytracing and various other changes for the very best possible PC experience can be seen. Regardless of all the photos and declared evidence, none of these statements from Sony are supported or approved-and is therefore not main. All non-official statements should be treated as rumors as co

One Piece 1051 Zanja The debate: Who is the lTent member of the straw hat?

_ (Attention: This article contains manga spoilers. If you don't go up to date, you just have the anime or do not want to go out, don't keep reading)._ Ten members, The straw hat band will consist of ten members . It wTen one of the first things Luffy made us clear 25 years ago. In Romance Dawn: the dawn of the adventure , the first, very first chapter of the manga, the future king of the pirates commented that he needed ten people. Not one more, not one less. Fair the same that make up the bearding of Barbanegra , whose final confrontation we go slowly, but inexorable. And what would be more epic than a 1 vs 1 among their respective members? It is true that Oda hTen had two and a half decades to change his mind, but the only thing the author hTen said in this regard is that Luffy did not include himself within those ten people. In other words, not only continued with the same idea , but that he clarified that his captain would be ten more. Said the other way around, Luff

Amazon provides you presents: 6 new totally free

The new cost-free games at Prime Gaming are currently on-line. You can now break Much Cry 4 and five even more games as a prime subscriber totally free and also maintain it for life. Update from June 2, 2022: From currently on you can claw the new free video games ** of the month at Prime Gaming. Amazon will certainly give you the adhering to six video games in June: Original message: Prime customers can expect 6 new totally free video games as well as various special items and also loot for present leading games in June. The cost-free video games are interesting this month for both shooter and also adventure fans and also the in-game content likewise has something in supply for every single preference. Here you will certainly locate an introduction of the Prime Gaming Highlights in June 2022. | Far Cry 4 | Escape from Monkey Island | astrologaster | Across the Grooves | Calico | WRC 8 Fia Globe Rally Champion End up being a prime participant currently!