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Buzz L'Eclair: VF with the voices of François Civil, Michaël Gregorio, Tomer Sisley and also Chantal Ladesou

You recognize whatever as well as the release of the movie is wedged on June 22 at the cinema. For this experience to be as memorable as feasible, Disney contacted a big spreading for the French version. We have actually simply found out that it is François Civil that will provide his voice to Buzz L'Éclair, that it is Lyna Khoudri, who will certainly play his teammate Izzy Hawthorne, while Michaël Gregorio will certainly look after SOX, the robotic of Buzz firm. Tomer Sisley, which we might see together with Leonardo DiCaprio in Don't Look Up will certainly be the voice of Mo Morrison, and also finally, Chantal Ladesou will care for bringing Darby Steel to life. That's not all, we additionally understand that Donald Reignoux will certainly likewise be in the cast given that he plays the officer Diaz. There is likewise Maïk Darah (Alisha Hawthorne elderly), Virginie Emane (Alisha Hawthorne Youthful), Frantz Confiac (Commander Burnside), Jean Barney (Zurg), Pauline Moulè

Aim for the top of the ecosystem! Evolutionary Strategy "Territory: Animals Genetic Strategy" May 31st Steam release

The Czech Private Indie Belopper SIMPLEMOLE has announced the release date of the species evolutionary strategy "Territory: Animals Genetic Strategy" on May 31, 2022, 2022. This work is a real-time strategy of isisometric view that indirectly operates the gene and food of the selected animal and leads to prosperity. Players cannot directly operate animals that act freely, but indirect operations are possible by specifying the direction of gene mutation, food, breeding plan, and territorial expansion and defense. Since the cause of the death of individual animals is aging, fighting, hunger, predation, illness, etc., it is essential to make a decision while paying attention to the surrounding natural environment and ecosystems. In addition to 40 kinds of herbivorous, omnivores, and carnivores, it is also possible to set up its own species. There are three types of game modes: standard mode that plays with predicted goals and rules, customization mode that can be customized

Explanation of the Content Road map Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One

Sniper Elite 5 does not look like a separate game. The name Season Pass One makes many believe that there will be Season Pass Two. With the presence of a multi-user regime, there is a chance that Sniper Elite 5 will ultimately become an online service and will bring more updates. the first packaging second bag the third package Season Pass is one release order fourth packaging What is included in Season Pass One Season Pass is one release order The Season Pass One roadmap indicates that the seasonal subscription will be released in four parts, but it is not mentioned when each part will be released. the first packaging Campaign Mission 1 Weapon set 1 Set of weapons 2 second bag Set of weapons 3 Skins of weapons 1 Characters 1 skins the third package Weapon set 4 Set of weapons 5 Characters 2 skins fourth packaging Campaign Mission 2 Weapon set 6 Skins of weapons 2 What is included in Season Pass One The addition of all the functions included in the Seaso

Old men and gigantosaurus in excerpts from the "world of the Jurassic: dominance"

In the film “The World of the Jurassic: Dominance”, the audience will again see not only Jeff Goldbamum, but also Sam Neil and Laura Dern. In the meantime, the fans were offered two excerpts with the participation of the old guard. Director and screenwriter Colin Trevorrow decided to complete the “Jurassic World” on a high note, directly connected with the cult trilogy of the “Jurassic Park”. Well, at the same time strengthen the cast and play on the feeling of nostalgia. So Chris Pratt and his character received excellent help. Still, the heroes have to save the dinosaurs from a new extinction-already too uncomfortable neighbors for humanity were found freedom and prehistoric lizards who had scattered around the world. “The World of the Jurassic period: dominance” will be released outside of Russia on June 10.

Lost Ark: Neuer Valtan

Lost Ark's May 2022 update should actually be a reason for joy for fans of the MmoarPG, after all, the Valtan legion-Raid is an interesting new final game content. But that is exactly what is currently causing problems that frustration arises accordingly for players. The unplanned maintenance work also contributed to this last week. maintenance work block players from the raid Beute-bug in the Valan raid destroys the game maintenance work block players from the raid The anticipation of the fans on the new RAID already gave way on May 19, 2022 when the servers from Lost Ark (now buy € 19.99) were suddenly shut down due to unplanned maintenance. Amazon Games has already distributed compensation to the community, Nevertheless, many fans are angry. Because some players were just in the middle of the Valtan Raid and were thrown out of the game at the time of the server downs. Particularly bitter for them: When they logged in again after the maintenance work ended, she blocked the g

The series “Avatar: the last air magician” has not yet been released from Netflix, but has already been in the “Guinness Book of Records”

Since November, Netflix has been shooting his version of “Avatar: The Last Air Mage” with living actors, and the process will take some more time. But with the budget, the project is definitely all right - he even hit the Guinness Book of Records. Although, if only to be precise, it is only indirectly-for working on the show, the streaming service rented the largest scene with LED screens, only a year built in the Canadian vancuver Pixomondo and William F White International Inc. Here the site itself has become a record holder. A few numbers: width 24.3 m, height 8.3 m, area 2044 m², 310 °, 2500 wall and 760 ceiling LED panels covering 720 m². Huge screens allow you to display visual effects in real time, instead of forceing the actors to grimace and fantasize on a green background. “Avatar: The last magician of air” Fans will probably see only next year, but the trailer should make it up in this.

The new region will soon appear in Aion Classic

Next week, the Aion Classic server will receive a lot of new content with the release of update 2.0: “Storm of Balaurea”. The update will present new areas for research, dungeons for passing, increasing the maximum level and much more. The highlight of update 2.0 is the opening of the homeland of Balauers, Balaurea, located in the external region of Atrea. In the new region, you will find two field bosses, seven dungeons and four sieges of fortresses, as well as new items and equipment for the collection, as well as a new maximum level 55. Players will also be able to earn new currency Sapphire of Medal, which they can spend on purchasing equipment Primus Plus. The update will also present the siege of the Divine fortress of menotios and adjust the initial level and awards for the abyss zone, as well as the entrance limit for various rooms with treasures. And if you introduce the Stormwingpet20 promotional code, you will receive a Stormwing pet at the time of the renewal release

FC Liverpool - title fight in England: Klopp scolds about calendars

Jürgen Klopp sees his FC Liverpool in the English title fight and has once again expressed strong criticism of the game plan. It was an absurdity that his team at FC Southampton had to play again on Tuesday (8:45 p.m.), he scolded just three days after the triumph in the FA Cup. "Why isn't the FA Cup final the last game of the season? In Germany it is," said Klopp, "that would have helped with the celebrations." He could therefore not start with the same in Southampton, i.e. his best eleven, that would be against Chelsea after 120 minutes. We are not allowed to play crazy ". Liverpool plays his 61st competitive game this season. "When did Southampton had his last game? Ten or twelve days ago? Southampton is absolutely fresh," said Klopp. He announced that defense chief Virgil van Dijk, like Fabinho, was not available that the use of Mohamed Salah was questionable. Klopp would rather have seen it if the penultimate league game had only been

Announced by Yuri-Nonella Oour Home, My Keeper

During the festival, élan Festival 2022, developer Studio élan shared information about some of his upcoming games. Among them was a completely new announcement. OUR Home, My Keeper is a new visual novel that the studio is developing in cooperation with the prolific writer Ebi-Hime, whose previous works include Strawberry Vinegar, BlackBerry Honey, The Language of Love and the recently released Salome's Kiss. Although there are few details about the game, we know that it will use the Weeniedesu illustrations, and the original soundtrack is written by Singto Conley. The platforms have not been announced at the moment, but Studio élan usually publishes its PC games, and only Heart of the Woods has reached the consoles, but other games are planned in the future. OUR Home, My Keeper tells the story of a young girl named Page, who moves to an old house in English rural areas. This place is perfect for her in order to leave a rush of a big city and devote a little time to itself. As

Wow: The extinction of the Allianz

Again, the fame hall of WoW: Shadowlands threatens to get full or possibly not full at all . When typing these lines, just over 100 horde guilds sent the dungeon master to the boards in mythical mode, while just nine alliance guilds made it. Why do fewer people play night elves and dwarfs? The decline of the Allianz Raidgilden in numbers Allianz raid guilds have been drawn to this trend since Legion. In September last year, the raid leaders of the top US guilds even wrote a kind of help letter because Allianz guilds die out ** and top guilds are no longer available for recruitment. In the following we take a look at the decline of the Allianz guilds in WoW (buy now). Why do fewer people play night elves and dwarfs? Already in our Special massive faction's lightweight - what can Blizzard do? We illuminated, which could be the reasons why alliance guilds die out. In the medium term, the sophistations of the horde were to blame, why more and more top guilds favors the toughes

The Division 2 Play on PC and Console

Do you fancy a shooter with co-op focus, role-playing elements and lots of loot, but can you not do anything with Destiny's sci-fi setting? No worries, there is still the division or its successor the Division 2 . After you were traveling in the snowy Manhattan in the first part, the sequel goes into the much sunnier Washington, D.C. But there is anything but peaceful there too. ballers, loot, level a country before the downfall There is a lot to do in the division 2 ballers, loot, level The Division 2 is a mixture of a third-person shooter with a focus on shooting from the cover and a role-playing game. The focus is on the balls, but the RPG elements ensure long-term motivation. Just like in the predecessor, you upgrade your character in the course of the campaign, unlock new skills and to capture the opponents of the opponents. In the action game The Division 2 there are a variety of different weapons that you can provide with various upgrades, and individual equipment parts

The hen of the naga in Hearthstone will begin very soon

On the battlefields of Hearthstone, Nagi will soon appear with its permanent queen . Patch 23.2 will add new creatures to the game, return some old ones, will start the first season in the most popular Hearthstone mode . Hearthstone players are looking forward to the update, because very soon the developers will add to the game Queen Azshar as a new hero and her army, as well as a new spell mechanics. In addition, after the update in the game, the first season for the battlefields starts, as a result of which the entire rating of players will beg. Patch 23.2, which includes the content of the “Upole, will be available on May 10 at 20:00 Moscow time.

5 letter words that end up in US

Wordle players are always looking for new words that can help them solve the daily puzzle. Every day is different, but one of the most common word structures is the word with 5 letters that ends on US . In this guide we have put together a list of 5-letter words that end in the USA for Wordle . If you don't get ahead with today's Wordle puzzle, this guide may help you find the word you are looking for. A Ö T V Y Z Words with 5 letter that ends at US When using the following list, make sure that you use the information that Wordle gives you in the game to narrow down the possibilities. Words with 5 letter that ends at US A Batteries | Actions Aglus | aitus All us | Alnus Altus | Angus Ankus | anus Ansus | Aotus Apdus | Bent ARGUS | Askus B Baby | Dresses Points | bapus Basus | Big Wrong | Bolus Bonus | Ox C Camus | dear Adventure | hollow Cebus | Cetus CHAUS | Chius CCUS | Nail Koch | Coeus Komus | cone Krius | Cyrus D Pipe | Demus Fraud | dufus nature | embus And m

Set up the camp - help in solving crosswords

Crosswords give many tips that players should solve every day. They can be a little difficult to solve, so contact this leadership to find all possible answers to the hint. Set up a camp . Crosswords are complex, since one hint can have several answers. The advice is to find an answer that corresponds to the number of letters necessary to solve the game you play. If there are several answers with the same number of letters, you can double -check using the verification program included in most crosswords, or use surrounding answers as a guide. Savior the camp answer to the crossword puzzle Considering that crosswords demand that you fill all the gaps, you will need to enter the answer exactly as it is shown below. Most of the answers to the clues of the crossword puzzle do not contain any punctuation marks, which can often be a source of confusion when you cannot find the answer corresponding to the blocks. It is important not to add anything or change in the answer that we provide

Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin: Metal Slug

Take a lot of metal slug, mix a little free Vikings and refine the whole thing with commandos setting and Indiana-Jones-Klamaucstory. The tempting -looking result should appear in September. Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin has already taken the most important hurdle - the (low) goal of the Kickstarter campaign (6,000 euros) was outbid by 200%, the game should appear on PC, Switch, PS4 and PS5 this autumn. In the mega-designed game scene trailer (see below) there is still action and Nöcher, plus a few simple switch puzzles. So the game seems to be much closer to Metal Slug than on the other influences mentioned. By the way, if you are not familiar with Metal Slug: Simply introduce you to a beautifully pixelated 2D platform shooter, in which you can eradicate hosts from enemies like in a contra/proBotector. Operation Highjump does not look as elegant and quick as the neo-geo classic in terms of action, but the offered is really worth seeing. If your interest in Operation H

Words of 5 letters ending on "ny" - Wordle Help

The popular Wordle puzzle, which has covered the whole country, can be very difficult on some days. This is especially true when you are stuck in the last two letters, not knowing what to guess further. If today (or on any other day) you tried your best to come up with guesses that you can try in Wordle, then we have a list for you! Words ending on NY - Wordle List Today's letters to finish the word Wordle, New York . Try any of the five -letter words in our list to get the maximum possible Wordle rating. Just look at this list until you find the word that you want to use for assumption, enter it into Wordle mailboxes and click Enter. Agony Atony A cap Pancakes Bonnie Salty Rabbit Banny Karni Roots Friend Down Black tree Fanny Ferni Funny Balble Ganny Horn irony Jenny Looni psycho Muni Nanny Ninny Nonny Nuni A penny Peony Fake Pinny Panny Rainy liquid Shiny Son Prickly Rocky Sunny Tony Tini Tenny Tin Tunny Sineword Ven

The rings of power: Sam actors got goose bumps while looking

The Lord of the Rings is not only one of the greatest fantasy franchises of all time, the film trilogy of director Peter Jackson can also look back on a huge crowd of fans. The expectations of the upcoming Amazon series are correspondingly high. The rings of the power to which we finally got the first pictures in February. The actor of Sam is convinced of the rings of power that's what it's about in the rings of power But at the moment, many fans are still unsure of what they should think of the previous material: some condemned the exaggerated use of CGI in the first trailer, others are upset about the introduction of new figures. Sean Astin, on the other hand,, the actor of Samweis Gamdschie from the original films, is looking forward to the new series. The actor of Sam is convinced of the rings of power Astin revealed this in an interview on the Calgary Expo (via IGN), where he revealed that he was already able to enjoy a preview : _ "I am very much looki