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Celebrity Citizen releases its update Alpha 3.17: Sale of things, refueling in between ships and even more uniqueness

Among the brand-new features, Cloud Imperium adds the opportunity that gamers can * offer inventory items , consisting of ankle joint boots that we may have found and objects that we have actually drawn from various other players. The game additionally obtains a system for to refue between ships **, helping with exploration without risk to be thrown into deep area. The pharaonic development of Cloud Imperium Games remains to update its Alpha version and also after the reorganization that the roadmaps have actually suffered, the space simulator continues to obtain updates. Celebrity Resident has actually released the Alpha 3.17 version that, although it does not bring wonderful web content, includes interesting news. The Alpha 3.17 update incorporates mining devices and also as DSOG has shared, the upgrade additionally integrates Mining gadgets that change the process of breakage of rocks, making it much faster, easier as well as useful. When it comes to ships, Celebrity Pe

Tour de Romandie: Rohan Dennis claims overall leadership

The day victory secured the New Zealand Patrick Bevin (Israel Prime Minister Tech) in front of the British Ethan Hayter (Ineos Grenadiers), who won the prologue and the second stage. The best German driver was again Nikias Arndt (Buchholz/DSM) in ninth place. Arndt landed in seventh place on Thursday. 3. Valbroye/Switzerland - Valbroye/Switzerland (165.10 km) overall rating single, status after the 3rd stage On Saturday and Sunday, the decision is made in the mountains for the overall victory. Dennis is currently 14 seconds ahead of day winner Bevin. 3. Valbroye/Switzerland - Valbroye/Switzerland (165.10 km) 1. Patrick Bevin (New Zealand) - Israel Prime Minister Tech 3:53:27 hours; 2. Ethan Hayter (Great Britain) - Ineos Grenadiers + 0 seconds; 3. Rohan Dennis (Australia) - Jumbo -Visma; 4. Dion Smith (New Zealand) - Bike Exchange; 5. Quinten Hermans (Belgium) - Wanty -Gobert; 6. Damiano Caruso (Italy) - Bahrain Victorious; 7. Finn Fisher -Black (New Zealand) - UAE Team Emirates;

Before the release of The Day Before, Beta is planned

The developers from the FNTASTIC domestic studio published a small FAQ in Discord, in which the players about The Day Before answered some questions. From there we learn that before the release of the game, the authors plan to conduct beta testing. It will be unknown, however, it will be open or closed, and nothing is said about the deadlines either. However, given that The Day Before should take place on June 21 of this year, then it is clearly not long to wait for the beta test. If you are not familiar with The Day Before, then this is the MMO score for survival, the setting of which will be the populated zombie post-apocalyptic America.

Game Pass Lands Surprise: Xbox secures PlayStation

Xbox has donated the Game Pass a surprising new entry: a colorful adventure game, which was previously exclusively on the PS4 and PS5 home, is now included in the monthly subscription service. Xbox Game Pass: Bugsnax with surprise debut Microsoft snaps PlayStation game Microsoft also donates the Xbox Game Pass again in April again some new games - and one of them is a special surprise, because it is previously only as an exclusive GAME on the PS4 and PS5 appeared. With Bugsnax now comes a former launch game of the PlayStation 5 for the first time on the Microsoft consoles. Xbox Game Pass: Bugsnax with surprise debut Bugsnax will celebrate its debut on the Xbox for two weeks: The charming slope Indie-hit by Developer Studio Young Horses lands already on April 28 in the Game Pass . In addition to the basic game, Game pass subscribers can also look forward to the Isoble of BigSnax, which appears the same day, adds new content to the game and also included without extra costs in the

New Minecraft projects presented

It seems that Microsoft is currently working on new projects in the Minecraft franchise. Over the years, Microsoft and Mojang developer have continued to grow Minecraft in different ways. While the game that started it all continues to receive new updates regularly, ramifications such as Minecraft: Historia and Morras of Minecraft have also been released. Now, it seems that the plans to grow the property are even more happening behind the scene at this time. Recently seen in the LinkedIn profile of Torfi Frans Olafsson , who is the director of franchise development in Minecraft, it was said that "new projects" associated with intellectual property are being developed. No more details were given about what this could mean specifically, but it definitely seems that there is probable there are new games of some kind in the planning stages. «Focused in developing new projects in a creative way within the Minecraft franchise. Working on online, digital, physical and media

LOL: Ebro Gaming becomes the monarch of Argentina winning the LMF

After a season where the teams demonstrated many surprises throughout the tournament, getting to reach this point, a great end where it is achieved to see why the League Master Flow level is very high. The confrontation for the best of five between Leviathan against Ebro Gaming would determine the best team in the region and the League Champion. a better of five that will be marked in history The first game began with great strength where Maximiliano "unforgiven" Urrero took the lead with a Lee without being misushadowed the lions, climbing in the early game to allow a leviathan to achieve an advantage, however, from the other side we had Nicolás "Nobody" Ale with a vex ** that was brutal in the central lane allowing the games to defend the game for a few minutes but it would not be enough to make the Levianeta yielding goals getting the soul of the oceans and Closing the game in your favor. In the second game we could see a change of mentality where the up

Fortnite Lantern Trials: All challenges, rewards and stretching objectives explained

Immediately after Zero Build's tests, a new set of challenges arrives to deliver free rewards in your hands in exchange for completing some challenges. This time you will be working on Lantern Trials and we are here to tell you everything about the challenges, ambitious goals and rewards. How to start the Fortnite flashlight tests all the challenges of Fortnite Lantern Trials All the rewards of Lantern Trials Explanation of stretching objectives Challenge of flashlight tests 1 How to start the Fortnite flashlight tests If you participated in the Zero Build tests, you only need to follow the same process. For all those who come to this, you will want to go to the Lantern Trials website and log in to the Epic Games account to which your Profile / Fortnite is linked. Once you have logged in, you will be ready to start. There is a disclaimer that tells you what modes are allowed: "Available playlists: any Battle Royale and Zero Build mode. It does not include any other game

New work "Research and Destroy" & "Unsouled" added! "Xbox / PC Game Pass" April later list published

Microsoft has published the title added in the second half of April 2022, 2002, 2006, "Xbox Game Pass", "PC Game Pass", which has more than 100 target titles played on April 19. # Two works of Euby Isofu will be added within the next two months Two of the " Assassin's Creed Origins " " Faller Marking Fire Edition " was announced in the next two months to the PC / console / cloud compatible. On the PC, you can start via the Ubi ISOF launcher "Ubisoft Connect". In addition, "Forionar" that the normal version has already been supported by GAME PASS is upgraded to the "Marking Fire Edition" that contains new powers and new modes. # New work " Research and Destroy " " UnsouLed " is more responsible for the first day A new turn-based action "RESEARCH and DESTROY (RESEARCH and DESTROY) **" corresponding to local and online cooperation play plans to respond simultaneously with April

Sony, Vicarious Vision, CD Projekt. Business News of the Week

Sales figures, studio buybacks, financial statements, Mercato des developers, investments... If these topics interest you, you are in the right place. We offer you a point on the business news of the past week. Sony invests again in Epic Games! VICARIOUS VISIONS: The disappearance of the studio is effective CD Projekt Red takes stock of its sales and finances Cloud Gaming: a new "market" that starts heavily weighing in brief in the business news of the week 55,041 views Sony invests again in Epic Games! In July 2020, Sony indicated by press having invested $ 250 million in Epic Games, in order to support the technological development of the company behind the Unreal Engine 5. In April 2021, Rebelote, With this time the sum of $ 200 million . A new agreement celebrated by The arrival of Aloy Dehorizon: Zero Dawn in ID: 45791 Fortnite | Sponsored = false] . Finally, Sony seems to want to go much further in his idea, since Epic Games has announced this week that the Jap

Today's wordle # 301 is difficult but solvable

Wordle is back with another deceptive rush that will test the players. Wordle is just over two months from the first anniversary of him, but today's puzzle shows that he still has many tricks under his sleeve. We will deepen the Wordle puzzle today later in the article, for those looking for some clues or tracks. However, if you have not yet made the puzzle, you may not want to move until the end of the article, as we will eventually discuss the answer. For those who somehow Wordle's madness have been lost so far, the rules of the game are simple: the players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Players receive tracks based on letters that their assumption shares with the correct word. A shaded letter in yellow means that letter also appears in the correct word, but in a different letter location. A shaded letter in green means that letter appears in the same place in the correct word. On average, Wordle players take approximately 4 attempts to correctly guess a da

Grand Theft Auto V: Triple

Weapon smuggling and executives from Los Santos can benefit from all sorts of discounts and special bonuses in GTA this week. In addition, the opponent mode extraction not only pours three times the GTA $, but on top of that 150,000 GTA $ to all who win three rounds. That awaits you this week: Double GTA $ and RP for special vehicle orders Double research speed in the bunker Triple GTA $ and RP in extraction 150,000 GTA $ gifts when you win three rounds in extraction The Black Hawk & Less Logo T-Shirt Free for logo Main prize of the week on the lucky wheel : Obey Tailgater S Car-Meet price vehicle : Wins seven road races in the next seven days and gets the keys to a Grotti Turismo Classic on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S Haos Premium Test Vehicle: Principe Deveste Eight * HSW time race of the week from the Ron Alternate Windpark to Elysian Island * Corporate discounts : 30% on vehicle warehouses and special freight warehouses, 50% on bunker s

The lot of doom collection helmets is for sale this week

Since the dawn of Doom, players have fantasized to be a guy buff, in a helmet, in a green armor, with an AB window, pulling on demons. Well, in addition to drilling holes in all your shirts, you can get closer to this dream with the Limited Run Games Collector's Collector's Collector helmets pack. There have been collection items of front helmets who disappointed fans by being plastic not bearable or cheap, but this headset can actually hold on your head. Do not expect to see anything. The trick with helmet replicas is that they will always be disproportionate to an ordinary human body. The same thing applies to it. It's huge. It brings your head twice as big. It's like playing in real life with the Big Head mode activated. Aside from the waist, it looks rather cool and faithful to the original helmet, at the time where Doom Slayer was only Doomguy. It is covered with blows and stripes; It seems that it passed by a doom or two. It also weighs 7.5 lbs, then start

Wargaming: Company will leave Russia and Belarus

In recent weeks, Wargaming has carried out a strategic review of worldwide business activities. The company has decided not to have or operate businesses in Russia and Belarus. With effect from March 31, Wargaming has transferred his live games business in Russia and Belarus to the local management of Lesta Studio, which is no longer associated with Wargaming. Wargaming is neither today, nor in the future benefit from this process. On the contrary - Wargaming expects that it will suffer significant loss of sales as a direct consequence of this decision. Wargaming will make the operational transition with the hurry offered and comply with all laws and continue to ensure the safety and support of the employees. During the transitional period, the live products in Russia and Belarus will continue to be available and operated by the new owner. Wargaming has also begun with the resolution of his studio in Minsk. This closure will be made under strict compliance with the statutory provi

Charts France: Kirby Always at Summit on Switch, Ghostwire Tokyo is ejecting Top 5

We can tell what we want on the low power of the Nintendo Switch with respect to the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, but its catalog is appreciated within the hexagon. This is in any case what the best sellers posted by the Sell and GFK demonstrate week. On consoles, already in the head seven days ago, kirby and the forgotten world still occupies the throne just in front of Pokémon Arceus. The head trio is complemented by the Incredible Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which recently welcomed new premium slopes. Gran Turismo 7 arrives in fourth position, followed by the excellent horizon: Forbidden West. Unfortunately, Ghostwire Tokyo, second last week, was eject of the top 5. On PC is the Deluxe edition of Syberia: The World Before which seizes the first place, while Elden Ring slides a position. As for Farming Simulator 2022, it must be satisfied with third place. Charts France Week 13 (from 4 to 10 April 2022) 1 / Kirby and the Forgotten World (Switch - Nintendo) 2 / Legends Pokémon Arceus (

COD Warzone is currently testing a placed

Call of Duty: Warzone, for the very first time, births a public tournament at which all full-year gamers from The United States and Canada can take part - it's even $ 100,000. This is similar to the ranked mode, but possibly never ever will certainly come in the desired type for warzone (1 ). In Call of Duty: Warzone has long been complaining about the skill-based matchmaking for a long period of time A "ranked mode" would reduce the trouble - strong gamers would then rum about in this setting Currently the Fight Royale attempts in a sort of ranked mode, but the implementation is a bit away from what gamers envision That's why: CDL tournament on Rebirth Island brings a sort of ranked mode What is this for a tournament? The "Call of Duty League Resurgence: Rebirth Island" tournament is a competition where every full-year player can take part in the bought areas. The very first tournament is for gamers from The United States and Canada: For e

[PWS] Dana and Helen Grand Final Win

9th Battle Ground East Asia Region Integrated Isphrose Competition '2022 Pub Weekly Series: Phase 1 (PWS Phase 1)' Grand Final 3 was finished. The Grand Final has entered into a stupid team with a cumulative point ranking earned in the Weekly Final for four weeks. Domestic ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Office Sports ▲ YENGE ▲ EMETECT Storm X ▲ Emperor ▲ ▲ Maru Gaming ▲ Beronia ▲ Ettyi ▲ Veronica 7 ▲ 11 teams, including 11 teams, Japan ▲ Enter force 36 ▲ Seon Seocsee, etc., and Taiwan, the ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ The two teams, including Global ISPOTS EXECT, has played a game. In this day, the first match 'Eagleza', 2 Match 'Zen' 3 Match 'Guangdong Prix', 4 Match 'Maru Gaming', and 5 Match 'Guangdong Prix' have chicken. To date, Guangdong Frames accounted for 171, with the second place with two-time Dana and Isphorrent (121 points), Yes, Genji was 107 points, and 106 Global Ispozing Equivalent, and floor gaming was 87 points. The discord

Pokémon: Fans make dirty mom from game title

Pokémon Masters Ex is none of the most popular Pokémon games, but it has made a little funny fun for his release. The official account had chosen the name for the game somewhat unfavorably. What followed were many indecent memes. Pokémon Master Sex - What a great title Which Pokémon trainer is her? Pokémon Master Sex - What a great title After the new Pokémon app "Pokémon Masters Ex" 2020 started, she became a meme directly. In the "free-to-play" title you can the most famous coaches of past games in the fight and train your own little team. The game content was not the reason for the Twitter trend, but rather the hashtag, which originated from the title "Pokémon Masters Ex": # PokemonMasterSex. Of course, the unintentional dirty hashtag on Twitter caused funny memes and reactions. A few examples of the reactions of the fans will show you here: Others operated in ambiguous "Pokémon Go" screenshots: But it also became the fine but i

The Balloon World Cup returns largely with the greatest competition; This will be the qualifying to the World Cup

Balloon World Cup , the global balloons tournament created by IBAI and Piqué in 2021, returns over high this year and with many novelties by means. It will be next month of October when the second edition is carried out, which will be retransmitted (as not) on the Twitch channel of the Streamer Basque. While last year we could see a pretty good level, this year we will have a new way to enter the tournament to make it even more professional. It will try to perform some phases qualifiers Previous in several countries around the world to be able to choose in the fairest way to the most skilled competitors of each country. For this year, the qualifiers in Spain will be carried out during the Ubeat Live , an entertainment festival focused on the youngest and organized by the MediaPro Group. Will be held between 1 and 3 July at the Gran Vía Fairground and will have the different contents between which you can find national electronic sports events, Visits of content creators,

[PWS] Foreign teams with domestic teams to preheat

ASIA, PWS): The Grand Final of Phase 1 'will be held from 7 to 10th to 10 days. It is the final game of the teams that have been competing in the end of February with a total prize of 25 million won and Battle Ground East Asian regional champion. A total of 20 matches in a day, the team of 20 matches, the cumulative points are the most teams of winning 80 million won and championship. The 16 Grand Final Going Team, which was confirmed by the cumulative point acquired at the four weekly Weekly Finals, is the 11 teams of Korea, three teams in Japan, and the Chainiz Taipei / Hong Kong / Macao. In Korea ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Optiege Sports ▲ Yu ▲ Emtech Storm X ▲ Bijie 스 ▲ Maru Gaming ▲ ▲ Sun Succeed, Taiwan is ▲ ▲ 솨 ▲ ▲ ▲ Global ISPOTY EXESS. 2022 PWS: Phase 1 The top 8 teams, including the Grand Final Championship team, will receive a "Pub Continental Series (PCS) 6 Asia 'row tickets that are held from April 29. The top four teams are also given the PGC

Weird West Nimp Relics Guide

To help you find all the relics of nipples in the strange west, we have prepared this leadership in which we will tell about the exact location of each relic of nipples in the game. Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Rictique # 3 Location Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Rictique # 3 Location Nipov Relic # 4 Location Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Rictique # 3 Location Nipov Relic # 4 Location Nymp Relic # 1 Location Location of relics Nympa # 2 Nymp Rictique # 3 Location What is the relics of Nima in Weird West? What is the difference between Nimp Relics and Nimp Heads in Weird West? Location of Relics Weird West Nimp Location of relics Nima in Stillwater camp Location of relics Nipov in Greenwood Cedar

Users exploit this discount of the new PS Plus Premium

Last week, Sony finally revealed us the new categories that will arrive at PlayStation Plus . The most expensive of them, known as PS Plus Premium, will offer around 800 games PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1 and even PSP. Those who already have an active subscription of Ps now will be automatically transferred to this category, so many users are taking advantage of this. It happens that an exploit in the ps store of browsers is allowing users to buy subscriptions of ps now of one year for $ 60, while plus premium It will cost the double. That is, 50% of the membership are being saved by acquiring that of ps now , and once PS plus premium arrives in June, all these users will be transferred to the new service for the amount of Time they have bought. There are those who already accumulated up to six years of ps now , which will eventually become time of PS plus premium. ** To take advantage of this, it is absolutely necessary to make the purchase through the ps store o

What are the best defensive goals of Madden 21?

Madden The ranking season is in full swing, because EA is publishing the global notes of the best players of the game in defensive final position. Who is at the top, are you asking yourself? It is no other than a member of the club 99, Aaron Donald, a defensive line player of the RAMS. Donald, which is also the best noted passenger Madden 21 , is the only defensive end of the game to receive an overall score of 99. Texans of JJ Watt came very close to becoming a member of the club 99, but he came all right now. Watt received an overall score of 98 madden team. Here are the top five players in this position, sorted by global rating: 1. Aaron Donald - 99 2. J.J. Watt - 98 3. Cameron Jordan - 96 4. Calais Campbell - 95 Myles Garrett - 93

[LCK Final] T1, 1 set victory ... Kuma Yui 10 kills

T1 'Kuma Yui' immigration T1 won at the first set of '2022 League of Legend Champions Korea (LCK) Spring' in Goyang City, Goyang City, Goyang City, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Both teams have strongly tailored to the early bottom line. The two-thirds' rule 'Park Jae-hyuk's Izui treated the Lux of' Keri 'Ryu Min-seok', and the "Kuma Yui" Caywlyl Rin, "Kuma Yui, Calary, and the Balance was tailored. The "Peanut" Bolivear took the Rise of 'Pakers', succeeding in Midline Hanging. As a result, Genzu, who killed the wind dragon, has opened Hanta in the Gangjiang's front, but T1 killed the right of Choi Hyun-joon, "Doran '. I ran in the baron fight that weighed in both teams that follow the tight situation. Although the flame dragon, Zenji turned on to Baron, T1, which ended the reorganization, quickly took a big benefit while rapidly. In this Hanta, 'Kuma Yui' immigration, Caitlin, has taken quoted

Where to find an amber larva in Core Keeper

Amber larva is one of several items that players can find in Core Keeper to forever increase their health supply along with other temporary buffs. use of amber larvae use of amber larvae Where to find an amber larva in Core Keeper Where to find an amber larva in Core Keeper Where to find an amber larva in Core Keeper The larva Amber can be found in a stone biome of forgotten ruins. At the keeper kernel, apparently, only one larva Amber. That is, if there is more, but still have to be opened. The subject will appear in the form of an orange crystallized larvae. You will need to break the crystal pick-up or use explosives. You probably already have a naoled kirk, which will be useful. When the crystal is finally destroyed, grab the amber larva and return to your base. You will need to boil the subject to forever increase the health band. use of amber larvae In addition to the constant increase in your HP in Core Keeper, the amber larva also has many other applications. Go to a me