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"Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World" is the best Hyafuanti FPS that starts with "Table"! [Last play repo just before release]

Yes came! Last "Wonderland-Tiny Tina and Magical World" Preceding Play Report! This time, unlike the previous time, it was not something that gives special location and experience, and I was able to play from the product version of the introduction (probably).

However, let's get a light mouth with regard to the story because strong story regulation is hanging. In this paper, I would like to write to the focus on what kind of experience will be given with gameplay.

Yukanko! Fate Maker! (What is Fate Maker? From now on!)

# TPRG! Create a character!

Introduction to "Dragon Road", who leds evil army, Love is an adventurer "Valentine" (CV is Hiro Yamada), "Flette," like Robo, and New American Adventurer from Sequence to start. You're looking forward to the title of "Fate Maker", and Fate Maker is a person who can change the destiny of this world.

And in the middle of the introdiction, the main person "Tiny Tina" in this work is "This is the" Bunker & Bad Ass "and TRPG. She is "Bunker Master" as a game master of TRPG as TRPG. And you will be filled in the new US adventurer. Important is that Valentine's Flette is also a so-called "Gaya". It will hit a good compliment.

Let's write the following classes and features below.

  • Staffomancer : Fate maker throws a huge ghost blade.

  • Crowbringer : Summon a hammer and hit the ground close to the ground, and use Wyvan.

  • Spell shot : Fate maker transforms the enemy into harmless skips for several seconds.

  • Gravebourne : Dark Magic Ability Damage is given by consuming part of your life.

  • Spore Waden : Summon a mysterious bow and emerge 7 arrows.

  • Bar · Carr : Rotate and cut everything nearby with close weapons. (If any of the abilities is (if the level goes up)), you can choose freely and switch at any time).

Here you will be a surprise element in the series, but it's a surprise, but it's Classification is introduced in this work , voice type and voice tone, pronoun (he and her) can also be selected. Besides, hairstyles, ears and eyes are selected to be a full-fledged character creation. This is the first attempt in the series, so it's very exciting.

It is a point that can choose " character backbone " that can be determined to an initial parameter, and the role play help. Through these character creations, it is the beginning of the adventure.

# Series is an ambitious game system

At the tutorial stage, the treasure chest is... and if you open the battle crab with a fantasy sword... and open, there is a one gun . Tinaon Waku "It's a world created by Tina" Series fan is a taste of safety and a series of unexperienced people, and the unexperienced person is a foreign posthouse , and even if it is made to be a halahara, adventure in earnest A journey begins.

After this, we will transition to map screen like "overworld" miniature, and move the own character as a third-person perspective. Layout like TRPG as an image. There is also a random encounter in this overworld, and the encounter will shift to the combat screen. If you cut out, you can get a treasure, and if it is troublesome, it's awater that you can do with the battle before entering the combat screen. In addition, there is a subquest for a specific point on the map.

The series is a genre called " Route Shooter ", and is a work that enjoys the item root of Hack and Slash format. Hack and Slash's part leading to item route is FPS, and large volumes of enemies and big bosses are waiting.

In this work, there are weapons other than newly introduced guns, which is " nearby weapon ". And there are "magic" that forms the basis of this work, but the magic is also equipped with an easy-to-use item, and the magic is " Cool time there is an infinite special grenade " as an instead of It may be easy to understand if you get.

Each equipper has synergy. On the gun that is a basic attack method, while mixing the magic while reloading, and when the life is decreasing, it is also possible to use a close weapon that restores a shield called "Vampire Effect" and "Bearing" I can do it. Proximity weapons have a variety of other effects and are designed to be fun to interwoven in battle other than vampire.

There is different ability sets for each series of annual classes, and the series history is the most chaos, high-tension, and fantasy, that is, "Hyah fantasy" FPS.

# Hyaphan Summary!

In order to consider from the content that the Bunker Master Tina speaks (the information on the official site is also included), the time series in the series is called " Borderlands 2 ". In other words, there will be no doubt that new players can play as a single, unique root shooter. The feeling of actually played, played a series of series, and in particular, "Borderlands 2" was also a fresh feeling that it played until all actual cancellations in over 300 hours of play time.

In this work, the economy system has been firmly loves " Borderlands 3 ", and if you do not make a collection of weapons and sell weapons, you can not increase the maximum number of installers, or the rare of vending machines I can not buy items. This can be read like a cramped element. The number of items is a huge amount dropped, which will make you feel fun and choose and choose from there, and it is only good to sell anything.

I'm really regrettable that I could not meet "Orange" in this preview in the preview! Orange is a legendary with "Borderlands" series. In the product version, I am looking forward to the inventory with orange and I am looking forward to it. Nao Localization is still the best, words, words, and Japanese voice actor's acting, which is the most advanced end of 2022 Immers.

I can not wait for the day to share the fun of the play report with the reader. Series is also a cooperative play FPS. This work will also increase the joy if you play with cooperative play. I think that the expectations are expected in this paper that was filled with the words of praising though it is not a PR article. So the reader's all Hyhampian spar!

"Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and Magical World" is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2022 for PC (Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE.


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