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Critical Role mocks two new games

_ Critical Papeles_ The seal of the board game has given the fans a first look at two of its upcoming games. Darrington Press was founded last year as a division of board games for Critical, _ the franchise anchored on a popular web series that presents a group of voice actors who interpret calaboons and dragons. To celebrate the 7th anniversary of the RC Critico Show, Darrington Press provided fans with a preview behind two of his next games: Guardians of marriage and sindiculto.

Campaign 1 Appearances/Mentions in Campaign 2

EGUARDIANS OF THE MARKET is a new board game in which players assume the role of a "elite fantasy wedding team" that attempts to prevent anything from ruining the special day of a couple, whether dragons, liches or magical setbacks. The game has a cooperative and PVP mode, in which players still have to work together to carry out the wedding, but they also compete for advice. Darrington Press showed the art of the character of Ale-Chemist, one of the four types of guardians in the game that is a professional in the drink mix. Art (by Mónica M. Magaña) can be seen below:

Darrington Press also showed an early look at _Sindical, _ a new role play created by Matthew Mercer. The game is set in a world "where clandestine unions compete for magical powers in a world of artifacts, mysteries and crime". No more details about the gameplay of _Sindical were provided, _ but Darrington Press showed a panel of comics attached to the next game.

Darrington Press has launched two products so far. The first is the UKA'TOA Board game inspired by the legendary semi-semi-semi-semi-developed in rol. board. More recently, Darrington Press published in configuration of the Tal'dorei Reborn campaign, _ an updated version of the configuration of the Tal'dorei campaign released several years ago by Green Ronin Press. Tal'dorei Renacido Not only provides players Details on how to play a D & D game within the Critical_ Continent of Tal'dorei, it also provides some amazing updates about Vox Machina's heroes that appeared in _papeles.


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