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Vampire Survivors: All characters unlock & your skills

In our character guide to Vampire Survivors we reveal you:

  • How to unlock all characters
  • Which skills have the characters
  • How to get the secret characters

All information about the weapon evolutions in the game can be found in our Weapon Guide to Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: All characters & your skills

You start in Vampire Survivors with just a character: Antonio. In the course of the game, however, you can unlock many more characters that bring all very own passive bonuses and skills .

Character | Prerequisite for unlocking | Costs | Bonuses & Skills - Antonio | - | - | Strength increases every 10 levels by 10 percent (maximum 50 percent). Imelda | - | 10 gold | Growth increases every 5 levels by 10 percent (maximum 30 percent). Pasqualina | - | 100 gold | Starts with +10 percent speed for most weapons and receives all 5 levels additionally 10 percent speed (maximum 40 percent). Gennaro | - | 600 gold | Starts with +1 projectile for most weapons. Arca | Improves the Fire Wand on Level 4. | 500 gold | Waffen-Cooldown is reduced by 5 percent all 10 levels (a maximum of 15 percent). Porta | Improves the Lightning Ring on Level 4 | 750 Gold | Starts at +30 percent on AOE damage for most weapons and weapons cooldown is in the first level -90 percent. Lama | Survive for 20 minutes with any character. | - | Receives all 10 levels 5 percent to the attributes strength, running speed and curse (up to 20 percent). Poe | Improves the Garlic on Level 7. | 800 gold | Starts with -30 percent maximum life points and + 25 percent on the magnet capability. Clerici | Restores 1,000 lifestyles across all runs. | 900 gold | Starts with +30 percent maximum life points, a health regeneration of +0.5 life per second as well as +400 percent AOE damage for most weapons (AOE Damage bonus is completely disappeared per level increase - from Level 5 completely) Dommario | Collects over 5,000 gold in a run. | 850 gold | Starts with +40 percent projectile speed and -40 percent running speed. Krochi | Defeat a total of 100,000 opponents. | 950 gold | Starts with +20 percent running speed and a revival (on Level 33 he earns another revival). Mortaccio | Defeated a total of 3,000 skeletons. | 600 gold | Receives all 20 Level +1 projectile (maximum +3 projectiles). Cavallo | Defeated a total of 3,000 lion heads (Lion Heads) in a run. | | Receives all 20 Level +1 projectile (maximum +3 projectiles).

How do I unlock the secret bonus characters in Vampire Survivors?

How to Unlock a SUPER Secret Character! | Vampire Survivors

So far, there are two secret characters ** in Vampire Survivors. While you need a cheat code for a bonus character, you have to deal with death for the other with death.

Character Prerequisite for unlocking Bonuses & Skills
Exdash Enter the main menu on your keyboard quickly " x-x1viiq ". Starts with -23 life points, -10 percent running speed, -10 percent strength, -50 percent projectile speed, -10 percent weapons effect duration, +10 percent weapons cooldown and +100 percent luck.
Mask of the Red Deat Defeat the death after 30 minutes in the game. Starts with +100 percent running speed, +20 percent strength as well as 255 life points.

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