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Passionate FCA earns point against Dortmund

In order to keep the often over the center of BVB at the end of this 24th Bundesliga game day in chess, Augsburg's coach Markus Weinzierl sent a trial of three robust and bombeled internal defenders into the race against the SC Freiburg after the recent 1: 2 against the Sc Freiburg. Names were Oxford, Gouweleeuw and Uduokhai, who also did their job from the start away - against half a fuselage cabider of the Borussia trained by Marco Rose, in which next to Akanji (muscle faserriss), Haaland (muscle injury) and Zagadou (muscle faserriss) now also Still captain reus (horse kiss) and Meunier (torn tendon on the femoral back).

After the next setback this season, the Europa League out of Glasgow Rangers (only a 2: 2 after 2: 4 in the first leg), the Dortmund awaited a really hard task at the FCA. The householders pressed high in phases, disturbed the BVB starting game crucial and stood over very long distances defensively extremely secure. In addition, there were also opportunities for the Augsburgs, one of which could have been good and liked the 1-0. Almost have to be: Gregoritsch nodded the ball just next to it (10th).

FCA Claim Valuable Point vs Dortmund | Augsburg - BVB 1-1 | All Goals | MD 24 – Bundesliga 21/22

Hazards Genial Solo brings 1: 0

The truth also belonged that the black-yellow had a total of more possession and more of the game. Apart from a painting distance shot (3rd) and Dahoud, who desperate with a strong act of Keeper Gikiewicz (13.), but was offensively nothing big.

So it looked after a 0: 0 for a break. But a man had something against it and made the difference with a bear-strong single action: Hazard pranced on the right on the right pedersen, then navigated Uduokhai with two cheeky hooks in the penalty area complete and transformed safely left down to the corner (35.). So the BVB took a fairly just 1: 0 in the break.

Painting annoys twice

With the restart Dortmund earned the lead but only right. Because for over ten minutes, the Westphalia now dominated - and almost came to 2-0. First of all, desperate in the finals Gikiewicz, who steered a fine Schlenzer with the fingertips to the latte (51.), before the Dutch briefly hit the right outer post shortly thereafter (55.).

In the episode, however, the hosts are then back into play, especially much over the left side, especially Vargas as well as the always relieving Pedersen. However, there was a lack of the necessary accuracy in the front third.

Joker sarenren Bazee is on the spot

And yet more and more of the impression that passionately struggling and offensively brave pressing hosts were still the 1-1 in Petto. That's how it came, even because the Dortmund behind team's access did not succeed.

Iago leaved class on the left in the penalty area and was served by Vargas. The following flank got Pongracic clarified by head, but the Fuggerstädter remained in it. Maier moved off, his refinement landed in the lurking saren bazee - and the joker brought only a few minutes before nodded the ball with the lath to 1: 1 into the net (78.). In the hectic closing phase, both tried again in the direction of 2: 1, but a Lucky punch should not succeed. Which also left, a 1: 1 was ultimately the righteous pay.

Augsburg, which thus retracted an important point in the fight against the descent and at the same time displaced Hertha BSC on the relegation rank 16, is a guest at Friday evening (20.30 clock) at Bielefeld. The eight points behind Master and leader Bayern Munich and six counters before the third Leverkusen BVB is a day later in Mainz (Saturday, 15.30 clock).


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