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Dying Light 2: Safe code outside your league

How To Unlock Safes In Dying Light 2 Guide Dying light 2 , which is now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC, offers a wide range of side quests through which you can lead your character. With one of these quests, out of your league, you must try to find a specific item for Scott.

If you explore one of the houses during this mission, there is a very good chance that you encounter a secure seat in this building. If you follow this guide, you can open the safe and get all delicacies therein.

Tresore crack, be paid

The exploration of buildings is an integral part of Dying Light 2, as they can find objects, puzzles, weapons and more that they would not find in the explorable upper world. During this special search, you will encounter a safe in which it seems to be no way to crack it.

While exploring the building, they come across a beautiful family photo of a grandmother and their newborn granddaughter, a welcome sight in the new apocalyptic world. If you see this photo, you will notice some things that notice it; A date in the corner that reads 11.11.21 and a large number 2 on an admittedly delicious-looking cake.

You will want to approach the safe, and if you try it for the first time, you can fail. You can try to try it 11.11.21 , but that does not work. However, if you subtract 2 from the date in the lower corner and enter the birth date of the baby, or 11.11.19 In the safe, it will open and reveal 700 gold within the safe.

To quickly summarize this;

  • Examine the photo inside the house
  • Note the date, 11.11.21, and the 2 on the cake
  • Subtract the 2 from the date on which the photo has been recorded so that it is 11.11.19
  • Enter the baby's birthday as a code on the safe to unlock it and get the gold contained therein

As with other puzzles in Dying Light 2, such as the First BioMarker Safe, you will find yourself in a wild ride of the puzzle release, along with survival generally through the irreconcilable world in which you live now. To learn our thoughts about Dying Light 2, take a look at our review here. If you need help when exploring the world, as you can improve your parkour skills faster or whom you should help if you need to make a difficult decision, take a look at our guide to Dying Light 2.

  • This article was updated on February 7, 2022

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