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Dying Light 2 in the test: Zombie action for parkour

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"Dying Light 2" is an action game with corners and edges, but also has plenty of game fun potential. The end time epic challenges you with many freedoms and an equally challenging gameplay. Somewhere between open-world action and role-playing, the Zombie Hatz relies its fascination mainly from the parkour control and the associated possibilities. Experimenting with the agility of protagonist Aiden and the integrated skills make the charm here. Season the undead menu eventually with solid decision options and an exciting main quest. However, the game is also missing on fine tuning, beginner friendliness and a flotter progression. Sometimes "Dying Light 2" and frustrated with a bad fumbling handling. Nevertheless, after six years and a bumpy development, Techland's undate-game is surprisingly successful and playable.

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DYING LIGHT 2 Exclusive Walkthrough Gameplay - FULL QUEST, ZOMBIES & PARKOUR (DL2 Stay Human) * Viewing game world * Very long playing time * Many freedoms * Skills trees, crafting and other role-playing elements * Mix of action and stealth * Exciting story * Challenging combat system


  • Technical problems
  • Cumbersome inventory management
  • Very complex control
  • Partly bad confusing fights, co-missions often to one-dimensional
  • Very slow progression
  • Problems at the opponent KI

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The final time adventure "Dying Light" published in 2015 of the Polish Developer Techland was officially available in Germany. Both the uncut and sliced ​​version landed due to the brachially staged violence on the index. The second part also switched on the entertainment software self-control (USK): "Dying Light 2" appears on February 4, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S - but only in one for the German market customized version.

The result: the partitioning human opponent and killing quest donors is no longer possible. Apart from that, Techland "Dying Light 2" presents as well as adults as brutal spectacle, which reminds more than once at the series-hit "The Walking Dead" in the selection of its motives and topics.

End Time Story with decision options

You control in "Dying Light 2" Aiden Caldwell. The pilgrim comes as a stranger to the city of Villedor and is looking for his sister Mia. Quickly he gets out between the fronts of the rival groupings of the Bazaar survivors, the militant Peacekeeper and the wild renegal. However, as a rogue, the unscrupulous Waltz acts, with which Aiden and Mia share a common past.

Techland stages in "Dying Light 2" not alone the virtual survival battle, but increasingly relies on memorable characters and story diversity. In the game, they relate multiple position and thus change the story. This decision depth is "Dying Light 2" well to face and gives your own doing a certain scope.

Parkour is the star!

Even if you play "Dying Light 2" from the ego perspective, it is not a shooter of the beat of a "Call of Duty: Vanguard" or "Battlefield 2042". Instead of ranging, the game strongly relies on skirmishes with blades, clubs or hammering and one to the classic "Mirror's Edge" parkour control to explore the city. This means that they jump and climb over the roofs, later use cables or jump pillows and even grab the paraglider to sail from a house to the next.

Her way of play depends heavily on "Dying Light 2" from the prevailing time of day: the zombies are increasingly falling back into the houses, so they can easily race through the streets and encourage bandits. At night, however, the passages are partly flooded by monsters and mutations. Accordingly, they should then dodge the rooftops. At the same time, the daily and night changes also affect research and search for resources. Certain areas such as subway stations explore them better at night.

Similar to "Assassin's Creed", they use high grass and other coverage opportunities for securing their nearest victims. As a help, aiden is a sense of survival, with which they detect enemies and objects themselves through walls and make visible.

"Assassin's Creed" with zombies?

"Dying Light 2" thus gives you comparatively many freedoms. The fighting can therefore meanwhile between wild beatings and tactical skirmishers. Navigation through the city and the scattered puzzles require skill and overview. This mix works - and despite the overloaded control and technical problems. Occasionally, the character is hanging on objects or it comes to unsightly graphics errors. Especially the transition between game graphics and intermediate sequences is sometimes too abrupt.

"Dying Light 2" plays the Open World Klaratur over wide stretches of sovereignly over long stretches and is noticeably based on the competition. The very big surprises are therefore missing. Surprisingly sluggish is meanwhile the progression: The zombie adventure requires a lot of time and is waiting for the big rewards in the later gameplay. On the other hand, the first third draws noticeably and you feel like they are on the spot.

Only when you unlock the second district (in the test after about 15 playing hours) and thus about the speed travel as well as the paraglider, "Dying Light 2" is noticeably wins away, as they can bridge the partly long ways faster. So the game has quite lengths and quirks such as the clearly simple opponent Ki in the Schleich passages. At the same time, however, it creates intense moments and offers in many moments exactly what has already made the first part for surprise success.

Release "Dying Light 2": February 4, 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 / 5.


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