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Crazy Giant Lalom: Odermatt brings gold

Julian Rauchfuß missed as the best German in the giant slalom on Sunday with over six seconds behind the Swiss winner Marco Odermatt the top 15. Medal Hope Alexander Schmid and Linus Straster were already eliminated after a driving error in the first round. Overall, there were over 40 failures, including four from the top 11 of the first passage: Manuel Feller, Stefan Brennsteiner, Luca de Aliprandini and Lucas Braathen.

The race at Xiaohaituo Mountain was shaped by fog and partly violent snowfall. Odermatt, who was started after four World Cup victories in the Giant Stork as a gold favorite in the race, was best clear with the difficult conditions. In the end he had 0.19 second ahead of Zan Kranjec from Slovenia. Third was World Champion Mathieu Faivre from France (+1,34).

Especially Schmid was considered the German team as a possible candidate on precious metal. In December, the 27-year-old from fishing in the Allgäu had first stood on a World Cup podium. "I've seen it more than the advantage that the view is not good. Because I'm actually good on the ski. That this happened now is atypical for me," SCHMID said, who was slipping away exactly like roads. "That annoys me, of course I made something else," he said. The borderleading conditions on the "ice flow" slist in Yanqing but should "not be an excuse, everyone has to go through".

On Wednesday stands for the gentlemen of the slalom on the program. Strasse is last in Schladming to Favorites after his victory.

The result at a glance

Marco Odermatt wins snowy giant slalom for 1st Olympic gold medal

Medal mirror


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