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Person 4 Arena Ultimax confirms the incorporation of a long-awaited function

The new Remasterization of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is scheduled to reach modern consoles in just a few weeks. However, before that moment, the Atlus developer has now confirmed that the game will get a feature that many fans have been asking. Although this feature is one that Atlus has declared that it will not come to Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Up to a couple of months after its launch, its inclusion will make the game drastically better in general. In a new message from the producer of Atlus, Kazuhisa Wada, on social networks, it was confirmed that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will receive the reversal network code at a later time this summer. If you are not familiar with what this is, essentially, the reversal network code is associated with the online game for fighting games and, often, it is considered the best of the best for competitive purposes. Without deepening too much about what the reversal offers, this function allows players to see more easily what their opponents are go

Passionate FCA earns point against Dortmund

In order to keep the often over the center of BVB at the end of this 24th Bundesliga game day in chess, Augsburg's coach Markus Weinzierl sent a trial of three robust and bombeled internal defenders into the race against the SC Freiburg after the recent 1: 2 against the Sc Freiburg. Names were Oxford, Gouweleeuw and Uduokhai, who also did their job from the start away - against half a fuselage cabider of the Borussia trained by Marco Rose, in which next to Akanji (muscle faserriss), Haaland (muscle injury) and Zagadou (muscle faserriss) now also Still captain reus (horse kiss) and Meunier (torn tendon on the femoral back). Hazards Genial Solo brings 1: 0 Painting annoys twice Joker sarenren Bazee is on the spot After the next setback this season, the Europa League out of Glasgow Rangers (only a 2: 2 after 2: 4 in the first leg), the Dortmund awaited a really hard task at the FCA. The householders pressed high in phases, disturbed the BVB starting game crucial and stood over ver

Vampire Survivors: All characters unlock & your skills

In our character guide to Vampire Survivors we reveal you: Vampire Survivors: All characters & your skills How do I unlock the secret bonus characters in Vampire Survivors? How to unlock all characters Which skills have the characters How to get the secret characters All information about the weapon evolutions in the game can be found in our Weapon Guide to Vampire Survivors. Vampire Survivors: All characters & your skills You start in Vampire Survivors with just a character: Antonio. In the course of the game, however, you can unlock many more characters that bring all very own passive bonuses and skills . Character | Prerequisite for unlocking | Costs | Bonuses & Skills - Antonio | - | - | Strength increases every 10 levels by 10 percent (maximum 50 percent). Imelda | - | 10 gold | Growth increases every 5 levels by 10 percent (maximum 30 percent). Pasqualina | - | 100 gold | Starts with +10 percent speed for most weapons and receives all 5 leve

Klopp via BVB time: "The only problem was ..."

German Champion 2011, Double Winner 2012 and Champions League Finalist 2013: With Jürgen Klopp at the sideline, Borussia Dortmund celebrated one of the most successful times of club history. Since 2015, the German has been swinging the scepter, no less successful, at the FC Liverpool. Now Klopp has revealed, which distinguishes his two success teams. "My opinion is clear: my current cader is the best I've ever had one of the best in the history of the FC Liverpool," the 54-year-old recently revived at a press conference from the staff, which is currently available to him at the Reds stands. What makes his team, Klopp also explained: "We have grown together as a group and team, so I arrange them about everyone else." Words that also reveal what the BVB once lacked to establish itself sustainably in the absolute European elite. "In my life, I also had extraordinary teams in my life, thank God. The squad of Borussia Dortmund 2010/11 and 2011/12 was craz

Gaming helmet without

For the many gamers who want to go to wireless, Logitech has an accessible and efficient micro-micro headset. The recently launched Logitech G435 is already taking advantage of a nice reduction of 30 € on its starting rate to position itself just below the 50 € mark at Amazon. Its advantages Some reservations the good plan What alternative? the good plan Logitech G435 Rakuten 47.99 Amazon 49.99 Cdiscount 54.98 54.99 Baker 54.99 The Redoute Marketplace 59.85 59.99 Cdiscount Marketplace 68.12 Marketplace 75.35 Amazon Marketplace 76.81 85.90 LDLC 86,90 If the wireless technology tends to democratize in the middle of Gaming , the entrance ticket remains quite elitist. Fortunately, Logitech has enough to satisfy all gamers , even the smaller budgets. The Logitech G435 LightSpeed ​​ is a headphone-micro gamer wireless affordable and powerful. Despite its more "fun" design than

Cyberpunk 2077 Strokes Support for Windows 7, Old Graphics Cards

For some time has been speculated, how it should continue with cyberpunk 2077 . Finally, the release of the Open World Adventure from CD project Red was anything but optimal. However, you have screwed over the last year very long on the game and on 15. February 2022 published the largest update to Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077: CDPR examines problems after update 1.5 & community wishes Cyberpunk 2077: Finally on PS5 and Xbox a good game? Cyberpunk 2077 no longer on Windows 7 A large NEXT gene update for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S , new buildings and adapted balancing for different aspects of the game are some of the most important and well-positive changes. But the small purse is likely to be happy about the patchotes from a concrete reason not necessarily: cd project red sets the support for nvidia 700 series on graphics cards as well as for the operating system Windows 7 . Cyberpunk 2077 no longer on Windows 7 CD project Red indicates that cyberpunk continued to run

Wow Patch 9.2: Higher ITemlevel for Animal Set

On the PTR for Patch 9.2 by WOW: Shadowlands has changed again slightly to the object stages of the booty from the new RAID mausoleum of the first . The prey of the last three bosses falls higher by seven itemlevels than in the rest of the raid. Since the final bosses drop two animal set items, the set items are also affected by this change. Animal set itemlevel in mythical mode Some players will feel required These last bosses will first be playable for the Story of Patch 9.2 in the second battles ID of the mausoleum of the first playable. In our article schedule for RAIDS and seasons you can look at all appointments for RAID opening, start of the seasons, etc. Below you can see where which set items drop and how ITemlevels differ in mythical mode. Animal set itemlevel in mythical mode Hands (Itemlevel 278) : Lihuvim Pants (Itemlevel 278) : Halonddrus Helmet (Itemlevel 278) : Anduin shoulders (Itemlevel 285) : Lords of the horror Chest (Itemlevel 285) : Rygelon So

Crazy Giant Lalom: Odermatt brings gold

Julian Rauchfuß missed as the best German in the giant slalom on Sunday with over six seconds behind the Swiss winner Marco Odermatt the top 15. Medal Hope Alexander Schmid and Linus Straster were already eliminated after a driving error in the first round. Overall, there were over 40 failures, including four from the top 11 of the first passage: Manuel Feller, Stefan Brennsteiner, Luca de Aliprandini and Lucas Braathen. The race at Xiaohaituo Mountain was shaped by fog and partly violent snowfall. Odermatt, who was started after four World Cup victories in the Giant Stork as a gold favorite in the race, was best clear with the difficult conditions. In the end he had 0.19 second ahead of Zan Kranjec from Slovenia. Third was World Champion Mathieu Faivre from France (+1,34). Especially Schmid was considered the German team as a possible candidate on precious metal. In December, the 27-year-old from fishing in the Allgäu had first stood on a World Cup podium. "I've seen it mo

Blockbuster-Deal: Harden after Philadelphia, Simmons still Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers have agreed on a blockbuster deal, where James Harden and Ben Simmons trade the teams. Much had been speculated in front of the NBA Trade Deadline over a change from James Harden and Ben Simmons - now both stars are involved according to matching media reports in one and the same trade. Harden therges together with Paul Millsap from the Brooklyn Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers, which in return Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and an unprotected round-round pick 2022 and an estimated first-round pick 2027. For harden, it is the second major trade within a year after being changed from the Houston Rockets to Brooklyn in January 2021. But the Guard did not seem to have become happy when he has rumored rumors in recent days, it is supposed to express his trade desire - like the Rockets. In Philadelphia, harden will work with Daryl Morey again: The President of Ben Operations of the Sixers had worked in Houston for more years. The Nets ar

Dying Light 2 in the test: Zombie action for parkour

Test Conclusion Test note Test Conclusion End Time Story with decision options Parkour is the star! "Assassin's Creed" with zombies? 2.1 Well "Dying Light 2" is an action game with corners and edges, but also has plenty of game fun potential. The end time epic challenges you with many freedoms and an equally challenging gameplay. Somewhere between open-world action and role-playing, the Zombie Hatz relies its fascination mainly from the parkour control and the associated possibilities. Experimenting with the agility of protagonist Aiden and the integrated skills make the charm here. Season the undead menu eventually with solid decision options and an exciting main quest. However, the game is also missing on fine tuning, beginner friendliness and a flotter progression. Sometimes "Dying Light 2" and frustrated with a bad fumbling handling. Nevertheless, after six years and a bumpy development, Techland's undate-game is surprisingly successful

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out Quest Guide: How to Meet People from Bazaar

In the first hours of your time at dying light 2 you will find you 'the only exit' Search. This happens once you have completed the initial section of the tutorial and you have become familiar with the combination of Parkour traversal and zombie... I mean infected combat. During 'The Only Way Out', you will be assigned the task of ' meet the people of the bazaar .' The problem is that it is not completely clear what is supposed to do to progress, so I We will explain what you should do here. How to complete 'the only way out' in Dying Light 2 Speaking with the people of the bazaar How to complete 'the only way out' in Dying Light 2 The first thing is the first thing, you should talk to the different people of the bazaar, the area where you are when you get the objective of the mission. To do this, press and hold the right analog lever (R3) to use your Sure Survivor. This will highlight the characters with which you can talk to a green shin

Dying Light 2: Safe code outside your league

Dying light 2 , which is now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC, offers a wide range of side quests through which you can lead your character. With one of these quests, out of your league, you must try to find a specific item for Scott. If you explore one of the houses during this mission, there is a very good chance that you encounter a secure seat in this building. If you follow this guide, you can open the safe and get all delicacies therein. Tresore crack, be paid The exploration of buildings is an integral part of Dying Light 2, as they can find objects, puzzles, weapons and more that they would not find in the explorable upper world. During this special search, you will encounter a safe in which it seems to be no way to crack it. While exploring the building, they come across a beautiful family photo of a grandmother and their newborn granddaughter, a welcome sight in the new apocalyptic world. If you see this photo, you will notice some things