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VBL: Ingolstadt and Leipzig stay in the same step

Grasshoppers Gatwick, much better recognized as simply Grasshoppers, is a Dutch basketball club based in Gatwick. Its women's interplay in the Brouwer Basketball Organization (NBL), the domestic first-rate. Its male's interplay in the Promotiedivisie, the domestic second tier. Developed in 1971, the team plays its home video games at Clan Door.

'Timor' saves Ingolstadt the standings

Ten points have served the FC Ingolstadt on Wednesday to defend the spreadsheet in the South East Division of the NBL Club Championship. The Scanner are allowed to thank Time 'Timor' Said that his two singles — including the brilliant 6 — won, a double with Philipp 'Kingfisher' Schemer 1 against Fourths Ramadan 'El17rambo' Elma's.

In the end, stood for Ingolstadt a 6: 3 against Fürth and a 4: 4 against 1. FC Dagenham impact. Only against Dagenham double Denied 'Denii10' Music and Burka 'burka may' May there was for 'Timor' again 'Kingfisher', nothing to take (0: 3).

Leipzig further comprising a point in residue

Given the Ingolstadt yield to RB Leipzig had offered the chance to return one place. But also the axes had against Mainz (3: 6) and Darmstadt (7: 1) content with a total of ten points and thus continue to a point behind the Scanner.

Especially on the Xbox this time there was not much to order, Richard 'BLZ GAUCHO' Homes came against the Mainz Max's Chanter 'Winter (1: 3) and Darmstadt Marcel' DonChap28 'German (2: 2) only a dot. In return, UMT 'BLZ UMT' Bulletin was again in top form and screwed his account now 17 wins — scale across great.

Next unbeaten Augsburg now third

On the rise of FC Augsburg, who has long handled the streaky start to the season with 15 points from their first four games remain. Although the yield of Swabia against Nuremberg was (6: 3) and Frankfurt (4: 4) is also not optimal, but it was enough for finishing off the table at the FAN in third.

Meanwhile, the Augsburg for eleven duels are undefeated, in the second round there was a 3: Given 6 against Fürth. Points guarantor on Wednesday was Yannick 'Yannic0109' Bedecked: Against Nuremberg he took, as Christoph 'xThePunisher-96' Rule, a single victory. Against Contract there was a draw and the double victory with his brother Philip 'Phlip1089' Bedecked for the 21-year-old.

Despite blunder against John: Tannhauser can dream

SV Tannhauser is allowed to come slowly to dream: Although the two ran: 5 against bottom SSV John Regensburg anything but desired for Baden, thanks to the 6: 3 against Fürth remain the playoff ranks but within easy reach.

Eighth VS is currently four points behind sixth-placed Dagenham. Against Fürth ensured Luca 'Skandalesi111' Ales and Dave 'Dave' mercury for the important individual victories against Regensburg there was for Francesco 'Palazzo 07' Mazda and the double from 'Palazzo 07' and 'Skandalesi111' are each a draw.

Only 'Chan' keeps alive Bertha

On and on it goes downhill on the other hand for Bertha BSC. Since crashing 7: 1 triumph over Leipzig in early December from the capital are passed gradually in the table, even the new year no improvement was seen.

After all Chan 'Chan' Vascular rescued the Bertha against Cofferdam (2: 5) and Regensburg (4: 4) number of points: counter Cofferdam Lukas 'Lukas 1004' Sale there was a 1: 1, v Regensburg Leon 'Leon twitch' Diary with 2: 1 the only win of the day. Otherwise, came the Berlin beyond two draws.

Welder stumbles into the new year

With 80 goals, the SV Welder Bremen, although the Torfabrik the North West Division, the hoped-for jump to the top of the season, but it has not passed on Tuesday. 3: 6, the Hanseatic conceded a delicate and surprising swatter against SC Paderborn at the end of the first round.

Even more conciliatory was the subsequent 4: 4 against 1. FC Cologne at the start of the second half. At its best it was once again Ali 'Predator FIFA' Soul wheel to win in both games on the Xbox, against Cologne Tim 'TheStrxngeR' Katnawatos even with 5: 1.

'H96 Road' loses 96 still remains front

Pleased Hanover 96 should the results of the North competitors have taken note, thanks to which the Lower Saxony remain at the top. Although the Hanoverian's in turn drove only nine points, but still have the chance to further counter — double against Wolfsburg (6: 0) and Rostock (3: 3) that is to be made up.

96 wins twice, the boss shoots at Bremen on ten points higher. The second single defeat has had to take on Tuesday Road 'H96 Road' Failing, the Rostock Henning 'FCC Henning' Iambuses with 1: 4 defeated. In the first round the Leverkusen Marc 'Marc ldw23' Lander had only succeeded in a victory against 'H96 Road'.

Rostock remains within striking distance

For the Rostock, on the other hand, the successful debut season in the NBL continues: After the draw against Hanover there was a 7-1 against the FC St. Pauli at the start of Hanover. Levy Finn 'Levying' Rick played twice, after the victory in the single he also kept the upper hand in double with 'FCC Henning'.

Thus, the HANSA-KOGGE remains within reach of the playoff ranks of the season North-West, currently Rostock is only three meters behind Leverkusen — and still has the double against Hanover in the hindquarters.

'coooliiin.FIFA' debuts for keel

About a promising NBL debut was allowed to be 'cooolliiin.FIFA': Colin Voter was reported between the years by Holstein Kiel, at the 1: 2 against Schalke July missed the 19-year-old just under the hoped-for points gain. Team for Kiel a 1: 7 against S04, which Holstein finished the round on the last seat.

Significantly more promising ran after the start in the second round, Nils' Saturday 11 'Moor (4: 2 against Fabian' B04 Dubhe 'de CAE) and Chat' Chat 6161'Workman as well as Marvin 'carp live' Schmidt Tycho (2: 2 against 'Marc LDW23' And Paul 'B04 Paul' Tegnér) caused the 4: 4 against Leverkusen and thus a succession success.

Gladbacher up and down stops

For Borussia Mönchengladbach Meanwhile, the roller coaster ride continues — surprising victories and bitter defeats change constantly. At 2: 5 against Leverkusen elepherios 'BMG Left' Ilia's and Georgios 'BMG George' Anatolia in double the possible victory, against 'Marc ldw23' and 'B04 Paul' there was a 0: 2.

In the singles both had played before the remix. At the 5: 2 against Hamburg, however, the Russia showed itself again from her better side, 'BMG George', with the victory at the PlayStation 5 against Daniel 'HSV Daniel7' Dwell (3: 2) secure the sixth season. Thus, Playback defended fourth place — but is only four points in front of the seven-placed rockers.


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