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Crytek relies on her best game series - fans celebrate first teaser

The shooter developer Creek surprisingly announces the continuation of the popular Crisis series with a short teaser trailer . Crisis returns Hype in the community Crisis returns The third and last part of the Crisis series appeared in 2013 and led the story of Prophet to a solid end. Almost ten years later, Creek announces a continuation with a short teaser trailer. Under the current (and simple) working title Crisis 4, the series is supposed to be hoped again. Unfortunately, there is not much more information yet. In the corresponding blog post from Creek it is said that the game is still in a early development phase . (Source: Creek) Crisis 4 is probably again a ego shooter with a single player campaign and a competitive multiplayer . Above all, the multiplayer component could be more exciting than before, as Creek could gain a lot of experience with his current shooter hit Hunt: Showdown. Hype in the community Both under the YouTube video and the corresponding Twitter po

Elden Ring: Only with New Game Plus does you see everything

In a month we can finally play Elder Ring - if not a spontaneous shift in between. But that should not be the case, because how producer Bashir Vital announced in an interview at the Taipei Game Show, the action role play has already reached the gold status and is now in production. Elder Ring has the typical structure of a fromSoftware game How works New Game Plus Elder Ring gets bigger than other games from Software In the same setting Vital also announced how much playing time we should forget about Elder Ring, that there will be divergent action arches and how New Game Plus works in the new game of fromSoftware. Elder Ring has the typical structure of a fromSoftware game You will need for a passage: Thanks to Souls legend Hideaway Miyazaki we already know that we will need about 30 to 40 hours for Elder Ring - this was now confirmed by Bashir Vital, with about 30 Hours of play time expects. However, this is a speedy passing of the main history. Thus, the title is not much lon

COD: Warzone - New Anti-Cheat

In order to make cheaters in Call of Duty: War zone to make life a little harder, the developers have brought a new measure into play: The new anti-chat trick is a very suitable penalty for Aim bot users and ensures sweetness in the community. Call of Duty: War zone - Anti-Cheat Trick provides justice COD: Developer continues to fight against screens Call of Duty: War zone has been struggling with a stubborn cheater problem for a long time. Developer Raven Software has apparently evolved a clever strategy, as players can be best punished with aim bots. A video on Reddit shows, like a creeper thanks to the new anti-cheat trick belonging to the lust at the Rock. Call of Duty: War zone - Anti-Cheat Trick provides justice Players who use an Aim bot in COD: War zone gain an unauthorized and unfortunately extremely effective advantage over other gamers with automatic target aid. Raven Software now counters this practice with a smart trick : Anyone who relies on an Aim bot in the mu

Pokémon Go: "Community Day Classic with Bisasam" - what's in 1- EUR

Just how do you obtain the ticket? To safeguard the special study to Bissau, you can purchase a unique event ticket for concerning 1 EUR in the game. In your In game shop you will find the point Worldwide Occasions below the boxes. Here is the matching ticket deposited. Bissau research to C-Day Classic 1/4 Bissau Research to the C-Day Classic 2/4 Bissau research on the C-Day Classic 3/4 Bissau research on the C-Day Classic 4/4 Occasion ticket to the C-Day Classic with Bissau - Research study Is the event ticket worth Bissau? What is this ticket? Ideal for each community day Pokémon Go offers a unique research study for a charge. This rotates regarding the particular monster, which is the concentrate on today. On the occasion of the very first Community Day Classic, you presently locate Pokemon Go An event ticket for simply under 1 EUR, which brings you a unique research. We from Mango have actually seen us which incentives as well as tasks expect you and also whether the ticket

Steam Deck reveals more than 40 games verified and compatible with the Valve console

Since your ad, Steam Deck surprised players for the fact of being able to count in the near future with a Portable Valve console where you can enjoy the wide library of Steam. However, the machine has been lost Christmas due to a delay that will make the former in being able to reserve it receive it around the second half of February. Until then, Valve is still working hand on hand with the developers to ensure that the different games work correctly in the console. Yes, on the platform there are thousands, but its intention is to make sure that the maximums possible have a good performance. There are another 39 with small problems and 5 non-compatible with that goal in mind, multitude of development kits have been distributed so that teams around the world try their games at Steam Deck and, from there, indicate The players who work well safely and which ones show problems. The list has become public this week, leaving us the first titles that have obtained the verification

Extraction of Rainbow Six: How to perform a stealth extraction

While the latest Ubisoft Rainbow Six's gameplay is largely based on the same tactical shooting mechanics that are in the heart of Siege, of course, you have the ability to eliminate silent goals. Here is How to sneak down in Rainbow Six Extraction. How to make a similar demolition at Rainbow Six Extraction To make this movement, simply grind to stealthily approach your goal and exploit your blind spot. Once within reach, it performs a demolition by pressing the right analog joystick (body to body). From a tactical perspective, stealth deaths are obviously useful to remain silent as they eliminate a goal, but they also have other benefits; That is, with respect to the progressions. For each stealth murder, you get a small XP bonus for stealth murders and one by murders as well. Therefore, if you kill an enemy without seeing you, you will receive +20 XP, either in the body to body or not, and if you use a demolition, you get additional 20 XP in addition to the amount of XP you

NVIDIA RTX 3090 TI: 1000 Watts

GeForce Now is the brand utilized by NVIDIA for your Game Service in the Cloud. The NVIDIA SHIELD variation of GeForce Currently, formerly called Nvidia Grid, was introduced in Beta variation in 2013, as well as Nvidia formally recognized its name On September 30, 2015. The solution was based upon the subscription, providing customers with unlimited access to a collection of video games organized on NVIDIA web servers during subscription life, which sent subscribers through streaming. In January 2017, NVIDIA offered GeForce NOW consumers for Computer and also Macintosh, available in North America and Europe as a totally free beta version. As with the initial variation of SHIELD, the virtual desktop is also transferred from the NVIDIA web servers. The service left the beta variation and also was released to the basic public on February 4, 2020. It is available for PC, Mac, Android gadgets, Chromebook and also Guard Television. NVIDIA has known new GPUs for a GeForce RTX 3090 TI alrea

Wow Patch 9.2: Raidbosse Droppen more animal

How much loot do we get when we visit the new RAID Mausoleum of the first in Wow Patch 9.2? And above all, how many animal set parts leave the individual bosses? The answer to this question delivers the latest PTR build, with which the bosses of the RAID shave meanwhile received their Loot Tables. But before we deal with the drop rats in the RAID from Patch 9.2 Answer ahead: The following information is the current status on the test server. Individual details can still change until the release of the update. Which boss drops which animal slot? Basically, we are currently valid: We do not get the animal set parts in patch 9.2 in the form of a token, but directly as a finished armor. In addition, the bosses on the mythical degree of difficulty in addition to the normal rewards each drop whole four set parts. So if your Raidgruppe defeated a boss mythical, you get four animal set parts plus four additional parts of normal equipment. If this rate also applies to the difficulty level

Jakobsson leaves FC Bayern

Striker in Sofia Jacobson (31) does not return to the women's football master Bayern Munich after the winter break. As the Munich announced on Friday, the Swedish national player asked for a contract resolution. Jacobson was only changed in the summer of 2021 by Real Madrid to Munich and brought it to a total of eleven compulsory matches and a hit. Sofia is already in December with the desire to change on us. We wish you a lot of success for the new task, said Bianca Reach, athletic management of FC Bayern women.

VBL: Ingolstadt and Leipzig stay in the same step

Grasshoppers Gatwick, much better recognized as simply Grasshoppers, is a Dutch basketball club based in Gatwick. Its women's interplay in the Brouwer Basketball Organization (NBL), the domestic first-rate. Its male's interplay in the Promotiedivisie, the domestic second tier. Developed in 1971, the team plays its home video games at Clan Door. 'Timor' saves Ingolstadt the standings Next unbeaten Augsburg now third Despite blunder against John: Tannhauser can dream Welder stumbles into the new year 'H96 Road' loses 96 still remains front Rostock remains within striking distance 'coooliiin.FIFA' debuts for keel Gladbacher up and down stops 'Timor' saves Ingolstadt the standings Ten points have served the FC Ingolstadt on Wednesday to defend the spreadsheet in the South East Division of the NBL Club Championship. The Scanner are allowed to thank Time 'Timor' Said that his two singles — including the brilliant 6 — won, a double with Phili

Strike in Red Dead online! Players demand new content!

The Red Dead Online community also sees it as well as it is not pleased — because she would certainly such as the designers to take care of them. In Red Dead online, it was now much longer strike, demanding that the programmer would certainly take care of his product and include a new content to him. Unless GTA online players join the action — after that possibly developers they will have to approach the situation of Red Dead online. How did every little thing react to it? A re-strike! In Red Dead online, it was no more strike, requiring that the programmer would certainly look after his item and add a brand-new content to him. It's no different this time. Counted that the makers will transform the approach, however the last big update shown up in July. That's why players take issues right into their own hands, requiring interest. The strike in Red Dead online went past the game as well as likewise takes place on Twitter under the Hashtag savereddeadonline. Does the actio

Wow: DPS in the Sanctum of Rule

The youngest WoW raid, the sanctum of rule, is currently for the majority of teams for a long time and also the guilds, which are still on the method, ranches primarily just the ten bosses off. Right here as well as then hunters try to get the legendary bow or the last splinters of the rule are upgraded. We want to toss a last look at the sanctum of the rule again. To name a few points, this appearance should respond to whether the splinters of rule have actually boosted harmonizing or rather not. As well as exactly how does harmonizing in fact take a look at completion of the raid? Currently, since the majority of (the top logs) were made with the most effective possible tools? WOW: DPS in the sanctum of supremacy — starting placement Apart from that, lots of elite logs are just accomplished with the concentrated use of assistance magician such as soul of power on specific gamers. If you do not approach the defined numbers, you do not have to worry about. For the proportion of cla

Norway wins mixed season sovereign

The German Biathlon MixedStaffel has actually occupied the 6th place at the Olympic General Sp rage in Oberon. The quartet with Roman Sees, Benedict Doll, Vanessa Vogt and Vanessa Hind made six evening loaders at the home World Cup on Saturday in Thuringia and landed 2: 10.7 mins behind the victorious globe champion Norway. 2 area occurred Belarus prior to France. The Team of the DSV did not have 9.4 seconds on the platform. One day after his fifth location in the sprint, he made just one evening loader and handed over to Doll as 3rd. Doll needed three extrapatrons while capturing, however quit at position 3. Vogt shoots well, but falls back With the MixedStaffel the Olympic Biathlon competitions will certainly be opened on February 5 in the northwest Beijing. The German team should then complete in totally different development. In their Thuringia homeland Vogt only Paste once on the shooting range, yet can not keep up in the trail and dropped fourth. Norway had actually functi

Oninaki Video Review - Simple, Familiar and Fun

Okinawa, launched on August 22, 2019, is available on PS4, Nintendo Change and also Computer. Have you played the video game? Is it on your listing of titles to grab? Anticipating getting it? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or comments listed below. As well as if you wish to know more regarding it, make certain you examine the official internet site here. If you played one or both video games, you will promptly really feel comfy with a comparable creative style, but you will probably like to recognize exactly how it contrasts. Tailor your personality to match your style of play as well as choose from a vast variety of weapons to face your enemies in real-time fast fights to shield what is most passionate. Submerse on your own in the effective and moving tale of Okinawa, but be all set to really feel a small sensation of currently seen, the more you play, due to the fact that the battles are starting to feel a little repetitive. Okinawa is an activity RPG that follows

Call of Duty: Vanguard: Sledgehammer Games announces several changes

Sledgehammer Games has announced several changes planned in the near future for Call of Duty: Vanguard. > The break is officially over, and we know that all of them have been patiently waiting for updates, says the studio. We are happy to share some of the changes that will soon come with you. These include improvements that make it easier for players to master tank fist challenges, a shortened duration of the mortar lock fire, Perks adaptations, to counter all things to do with fire, and a weapon balancing with sniper Buffs and shotgun nerfs. > We thank you for your patience, while we worked behind the scenes, Sled Hammer added. Now where we are back, you can look forward to more frequent updates, of which there will be even more this week.

RB Leipzig: Silva and Nkunku in quarantine

Also, RB Leipzig remains not spared at the training start after the winter break of Corona. As the Football Bundesliga announced on Monday, the offensive players Andre Silva and Christopher Skunk are in their home in domestic quarantine. They were positively tested during their Christmas vacation in Portugal or France. Both are to return to Leipzig over the week. In addition, RB announced that the virus has been demonstrated in the testing last Sunday at JungProfi Solomon. At Nordic Muriel, Benjamin Heinrich and Dani Elmo, there were unclear findings. The trio is re-tested on Monday and domestically isolated until the results obtained. For all other players and members in the staff, including coach Domenico Tesco, the results are negative. They could start training for the second half on Monday. This is a restart for us, Captain Peter Gulags said in a media round after the first unit: Corona and the failures are not excuses for us. We try to stay strong as a team and working on