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That World War 3 came back! Will the battle that was the end of the war before starting again?

The following are listings of significant individuals who died by self-destruction. Suicides effected under discomfort are included. Deaths by accident or ill fortune are omitted. People who could or might not have died by their very own hand, or whose purpose to die remains in conflict, yet who are commonly believed to have deliberately killed themselves, may be listed under feasible suicides.

The modern warfare multi FPS World War 3 by Farm 51 closed beta has started on November 25. In this article to deliver a state in which the author who participated in the closed beta've been actually playing, or have followed what kind of history this work together, continue to tell also about why is this much attention increase.

Do you remember? Quick introduction to the history of up to World War 3 now!

Polish developer The Farm 51 to develop World War 3 was published in 2016. FROM, SAS, as well as incorporate the opinions of the army special forces members, such as SEAL's, also become a Polish military company Policies Grumpy Zbrojeniowej and Cent rum Simulacra DRUM is an official partner, the topic as modern warfare that is authentic and reality became.

Also started early access to the October 20, 2018. However, most players can not start the game due to a problem of the server, is often derided as the third world war did not start and Wallpaper Watcher 3 (a game that turned into a not be able to log in moving wallpaper) now situation.

Although on October 22 in Japan time to be able to connect to the server is performed updates, load or very long, the frame rate is overlap technical issues such as or not stabilized in the optimization shortage, evaluation It is not sieved, to stop selling in 2020.

Hard update is continued with the assistance of a new publisher, alpha test on September 30, 2021, year, closed beta test will start on November 25. Now it leads.

did is why attention? Circumstances that have continued to be compared to the BF for indie

World War 3 was a great deal of attention has been the game. What sales in Steam topped 100,000 in two days, in spite of the early access version of a small-scale development, Why was this much attention.

The secret has to do with deep circumstances of the world at the time 2018 FPS. In 2018 a sense was the winter of the times for the FPS. To be precise, it was winter time for the modern warfare FPS.

2018 is still Apex Legends is also Cod: War zone is also not, in two large franchise, or Battlefield series is the First World War — World War II FPS was popular in the current more than at that time, Call of Duty series was also a World War II and the future against the stage.

I large-scale multiplayer game in which the modern warfare the theme had been depleted. Previously described there, the spotlight will be devoted to modern warfare large-scale multiplayer game that is reality that crossed the munitions companies and tag World War 3. There also was a 32vs32, in such SNS is touted to as true Battlefield the latest work.

In such circumstances, the ambitious small-scale development although there, yet we expect too much has been applied for the first time multiplayer title for the developers.

Unfortunately, it did not respond to the user's expectations. In addition to bug servers and network-related, because it was aimed at what is realistic than the mainstream FPS title, movement is unrefined, Kirutaimu early, the first place to pales when compared to AAA-class game that was charged with massive personnel and budget There was also issues that do not helpless that.

What is the current through the development period of 3-year kind of appearance are.

Such World War 3 What kind of figure that's probably it or current. We will tell actually Purebred of the closed beta test from here.

Game mode called Tactical Ops is to first introduce. In the mode close to the Battlefield series of Conquest, only occupied the A1 does not enter the score, it contains the score by linking the two bases of A1 and A2.

I feel first participating in the game is convincing the overwhelming visual. Collapsed Moscow's Red Square, Warsaw shopping mall, the Brandenburg Gate has become a battlefield. Air feeling of the third world war as it is exciting to see at a glance is there.

Operation feeling is provided by, the casual feeling of operation from the initial real system texture, it has become close to the Battlefield series. Sensory The Battlefield series and Insurgency: Sandstorm the mix, I felt the operation feeling as closer to the BF.

Operation sense of how to operate the thing close to BF series is fine, (dash with a gun in Haired state) dash crouching dash Tactical dash and lean, there is a creeping.

But if you hit the body with respect to speed up damage or die (TT) According to the armor you have selected, not so fast, headshot is important likely. Because if the dead or had been shot anywhere and customize the gun of the other party can be seen, there is persuasive.

In addition, there are also elements of gadgets such as recovery and ammunition supply. In this work not have to interact in order to use these gadgets, can be recovered handy at any time, it does not become the game balance that.

Although the dash of speed is quite fast, then each other shot of the key points higher lean of importance, such as the headshot is important, and combine the best of casual-based FPS and real-based FPS, it was a good feeling fairly.

Weapons are quite powerful. This is because, antitank launcher infantry haves (RPG) is ammunition 2 Tsunami, and since trajectory look, you easy to deal with.

However, because the automatic recovery is not, it has become a coffin in an instant and excellent anti-tank soldiers are a few people, it was hard to balance adjustment seems difficult. Personally increase the bullet of RPG, lower the cannon damage to weapons, (the current one-shot kill) Uh-huh, but I think that unreasonable sense by lowering slightly the speed of movement of the weapons is reduced....

However, the visual information of the tank is inhibited when shooting outside the vehicle camera for a weapon, such as there are also elements. It may workaround is coming also changed if it is well-known.

There is also a COD series system close to the kill streak. Base occupation UAV and hammer enemy of the position is seen in the score that can be acquired, etc., can be requested, such as shelling, is pretty powerful.

Customize elements that must not be forgotten in this work. Not only the gun, such as character skins and equipment, has enormous choices are available.

Site and hand grip, such as bullet type, customize elements that gun performance of the changes, of course, there is also customize elements that look changes. Visual changes, and not the extent to which changes color to say, hand guard against the grip, the appearance of the various parts, such as stock can be changed. Perfect score can be of as a cancer mania. Its if is satisfied be the future expand the skin Commercial Code.

Of course, the gun is also from the famous far from to geeky thing, you can be satisfied with just listening for rattling the attachment.

Character skin also wonderful. National army combat uniform and a helmet, gloves, and such as trousers are available, nationality mark can also be replaced free.

Customized, it had been embodied the appearance that other FPS games also should write, especially customize the skin.

not a few fatal also a problem......

Although the game play itself there is a rough is likely early access, I felt Harvard potential as well as the epic FPS game if we brushed up. However, it has become many fatal problems at this stage.

The most serious problem is the point Asia server is not. It is strong is likely a hard fight for the Japanese player.

Even troubled ones can not start the game because of trouble. When you load a map matching, but there's a lot if you would come back to again matching the standby screen. Although the author has not encountered, it has been confirmed extremely also a problem that FPS drops.

Or did not hear the sound of the voice and the weapons of the gun, is also regrettable failure hear quite cheap voice.

While these technical issues are likely to be any resolution, unlock level of attachment is very relevant to whether the gun and performance that is scheduled to be free of high, anxious feel to the setting of accounting assumptions is the point.

In addition, download games for carrying out via an external launcher, a game considered to have to play in Steam in spite of not playing, and also that the return process is impossible to keep in mind you will.

still charming visuals and game play

Top hotspots that could spark World War 3

It is often also a problem at this stage, but the bug has been improving every day. More than anything, visual or of the third World War compelling, good game play balance of realism and casual is attractive.

This work has been free of is advance notice, but you can participate in the closed beta if you buy at the Steam If you want to compete right now. However, it is that it is still early access you should buy on the know. Limited Hyper Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset ¥6,480



Hyper Cloud Earbuds Gaming Earphone ¥4,982




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