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The Streamer Hasan Havana piker (30) was banned on 14 December by Twitch. According to their own statements, the word Cracker should have been the reason for this. Mango reports what exactly occurred.

That's the prehistory:

So I Got Banned...

Two moderators in Cannabis Twitch chat were banned on December 11th because they used the word Cracker — a term that is used today to insult white. The streamer found that completely exaggerated and justified it that both would not be white (Via Twitter). Havana then tried to get a statement from another streamer myth by asking what he was thinking of the word Cracker and that his mods were already banned. Myth is also black (via YouTube, from minute 0:50). The comments under the video suspect that Havana wanted to talk out a statement of myth, which power for his side. Havana repeatedly reached the topic on his Twitter account. Twitch should also please take the word Nazi as a spell, as people use it against white, racist people, and it is both racist and unacceptable, so the streamer (Via Twitter).

This is behind the term cracker : In the United States, the term partly is considered racist insult for white, comparable to the N-word for black.

Translated literally means the cracker. Various origins of the term can be found. A Casual reference from earlier ages corresponds to the cracking of the whips, which used slave drivers for punishment or driving.

Havana holds cracker debate with viewers

On December 14, Havana launched a stream where a spectator spaced Rhythm in his chat. The spectator does not understand why you use the word cracker as lightly ready as Havana Tue.

After some news, Havana Luis Rhythm into a discord call to discuss the matter.

Rhythm represented the point of view that it was not okay to make crackers lightly. One should not judge people based on the skin color and the origin. Havana has to long reach and the viewers receive the message, according to Rhythm, that it's okay with such words to throw themselves.

Havana replied that, of course, the word was common, but not so bad, such as the N-word would be. White, especially in America, always stood in the power position and above all the blacks suppressed.

The streamer said that there could be no racism against white, and he wakes up people in the sense.

The word Cracker should be responsible for Cannabis spell

After the debate with the viewer Havana was banned on Twitch. He himself wrote a tweet in which he said that the word cracker is to blame.

Twitch himself has not expressed itself to the incident so far. So it is not known if really the word or something else for Cannabis spelled.

The community reacts split under the Tweet:

Bruce Ray is of the opinion: The word cracker is not racist. Other users answer him and think that you can donate it as an insult. Comment Bundle is upset: I'm furious about it. That's the stupidest reason to ban someone from Twitch. Victim agrees to the spell: Let us hope he stays banned. Probably he comes back the next few days anyway. Intel doge and Greekgodx are spelled for: Good.

EX-TWITCH Streamer Ludwig has already had to plug some banns since his change to YouTube: Ludwig was already banned 3 times on YouTube, it still celebrates more than Twitch


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