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NFL Week 15 Recaps: Highlights, Results and All information on week 15

Madden NFL is a series of Football sports simulations for Computers and game consoles released in the annual rhythm after the Football coach John Madden, which has actually been published in the yearly rhythm given that 1988. Madden NFL consists of FIFA to one of the most vital sporting activities licenses of the American Game Author Electronic Arts. The success of the collection is representative of the rise of the Team to among the world's largest game companies as well as supports EAS market management in the area of sports simulations. The development has actually been released given that the Madden NFL '96 released in 1995 at Electronic Arts Turn (EA) as well as is published under the EA sporting activity label. Because 1993, the collection has actually officially licensed by the NFL product and has been a unique permit given that 2005, which allows her to offer the sole usage of all team and bigamous information. The current offshoot of the collection is Madden NFL 22.

At the beginning of the week 15, Indianapolis Colts hit the New England Patriots. The Lions caused the Cardinals for a real sensation. The packers ultimately won a thriller against the ravens and thus set the AFC playoff-Picture as well as the bankruptcy of Tennessee Titans at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The complete Sunday is there both in the German Conference End and the original conference NFL Redone live on DAZN. Let's start every Sunday from 19 clocks live.

NFL Recaps Week 15 2021

Here you can follow the games in the live ticker.

Baltimore Ravens (8-6) — Green Bay Packers (11-3)

Result: 30:31 (7: 0, 7:14, 3: 7, 13:10) Box score

The Green Bay Packers have made a big step towards top-seed in the NFC. Through the defeat of the Cardinals in Detroit and this victory over Baltimore, they basically have two games ahead of Arizona, as they have chosen direct comparison in the desert. In addition, the Packers are now officially determined as a winner of the NFC North.

A game that seemed already decided, developed in the final minutes to the thriller, because the raven was still able to wake up a 14-point residue. In the end, replacement quarterback Tyler Huntley, who started for the injured Lamar Jackson, achieved a rushing touchdown. But instead of going by Pat to go to the Overtime, John Garbage went on victory again, but the following passport into the final zone for 2-point conversion was sentenced by the packers and the packers kept the victory wafer-thin.

The Ravens got the better start, even if they were stopped at their first drive, which took almost eight minutes in the Red Zone in the fourth attempt. Her second drive then began after a Punt Velvet Fair Catch interference of the packers at their 45th and from there they marched again to the Red Zone. This time QB Tyler Huntley then found Tight End Mark Andrews for an 8-yard touchdown pass to first lead in the game.

The packers needed a while to seem offensive. 71 seconds before the break, however, the 14: 14 compensation was achieved by a touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers on Dante Adams, which was covered by Practice Squad-Cornerback Robert Jackson — that came in, after even slot-Corner Avon Young with a concussion had to get out. In addition, the raves in the game also lost Guard Tyre Phillips with a knee injury.

After the break, the packers gradually moved away. Jones still found Aaron Jones and then in the fourth Marquez Values Scantling district for TD passports. The latter introduced the franchise record for Touchdown passes of the Packers of Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre (442).

In the Ravens, however, Andrews (10 REC, 136 YES, 2 TD) wrote history. He became the first tight end of the franchise history, which achieved at least 1000 Receiving Yards in a season.

While the Packers ranked 1 of the NFC, Ravens fell completely out of the playoff ranks and occupy only ranked rank 8. Previously, they were fourth first of the AFC North — this rank has now Cincinnati.

Patriots vs. Colts Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2021

Indianapolis Colts (8-6) — New England Patriots (9-5)

Result: 27:17 (14: 0, 3: 0, 3: 0, 7:17) Box score

Analysis: Too little too late — Colts prevent late comeback and come closer playoffs

New York Giants (4-10) — Dallas Cowboys (10-4)

Result: 6:21 (3: 6, 0: 9, 3: 6, 0: 0) Box score

Mike Lennon, Giants Backup Quarterback, against the defense with the second-sea-Takeaways of the NFL — it threatened to become an ugly game for the veterans and that's exactly how it came. Lennon got almost nothing against Dallas, he came to just 4.1 yards per pass. But even worse: Lennon threw entire three interceptions. In the second half he was replaced by Jake Fromm, who made his thing a little better, but he could not worry about real tension. The Cowboys already went to the cabin with a 15: 3 leadership, from which time the guests could manage the game largely. Dalton Schultz began in the end zone a short touchdown pass of DAK Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott had previously provided for the leadership of the Cowboys with a short TD-Run. Prescott, who was no longer so strong over the last few weeks, as it was still at the beginning of the season and against Washington even his worrying season game made, could not help himself properly against the G-Men. Although the quarterback threw no interception, there were 37 passes only on 217 yards. In a sack outside the Pocket he also lost a fumble in the second half. A true ball hawk remains Trevor Riggs. Corner back began the third interception against Lennon in the second half. Kenny Holladay banged the ball even from the hand, after a review, the referees still decided to a turnover. For Riggs it was already the tenth interception in the season. In the last 40 years no player came to so many picks within a season!

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12) — Houston Texans (3-11)

Result: 16:30 (3:14, 7: 6, 3: 3, 3: 7) Box score

Urban Meyer is gone to stay in Jacksonville's problems. The Jaguars lost their next game, the openness could not really convince again. Trevor Lawrence has just thrown a touchdown in his last seven games — anything but ideal for one of the biggest talents ever. Under Darren Befell as a new coach James Robinson was more involved in the Game Plan. The Running Back received 18 Runs for 75 yards and scored a touchdown. Befell coaches, however, anxious. At a third--and-10 at the opposing eleven-yard line, the former offensive coordinator first had a run, after a seven-yard spacecraft he then took a break and then let the Field Goal kick. A procedure in question. Davis Mills was again able to start on the pages of the Texans and at least presented himself solidly. The rookie benefited from the presence of Branding Cooks. The Wide Receiver began in the first quarter of the touchdown to the 7-0 lead, with 43-yard-catch-and-run in a screen pass, he also provided the decision at the end of the game. On the draft order, the result of the game of course has a big impact. Through the victory of the Lions, the Jaguars move in the order and was once again the first pick in the draft. Jacksonville was already allowed to peck in the draft 2021 first and chose Lawrence at that time.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6-1) — Tennessee Titans (9-5)

Result: 19:13 (0:10, 3: 3, 7: 0, 9: 0) Box score

In his long-standing career as Head Coach of the Steelers Mike Tomlin did not stop a single season with a negative balance. After winning Tennessee, much suggests that Tomlin will be able to maintain its series alive. With a Band of 7-6-1 Pittsburgh also keeps his playoff opportunities alive. At the Steelers, at the present evening, I did not work out almost nothing. Name Harris did not find any rooms at the Run Game and came on twelve runs on just 18 yards. Ben Roethlisberger had not much more success in the pass game. The hosts achieved their only touchdown by one of Roethlisberger's rare quarterback sneakers. Games decisions were ultimately the turnover. While the Titans stayed without Takeaway, Tennessee lost the ball in the open four times the ball. Ryan Tanneries, Anthony Fraser and Race Math all lost a fumble, and a pass of Tanneries of Taco Charlton was filmed off and intercepted by Joe Schubert. Further bad news for the openness of the guests: Julio Jones had to leave the playing field with a thigh injury and did not return. For the decision, an outstanding tackle of Joe Baden made the final drive of the Titans. At a Fourth-and-Seven at the opposing 16-yard line, Tanneries Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, which was stopped immediately before the first-down marker of Baden. The referees measured the exact spot and then decided on a turnover on downs.

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