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MMORPG giant goes against private

The MMORPG developer NIXON is one of the largest MMO companies in the world. You have now won a lawsuit against the operator of a private server to MMORPG Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds. It's about a punishment of 450 million won, about 337,000 euros.

Which game is it? Nexus: The Kingdom of the wind is an MMORPG, which appeared on April 5, 1996, in South Korea, in 1998 it came to the USA. Nexus is a subscription MMORPG based on Korean mythology.

The game uses 2D graphics and gives the player many ways to improve their own character.

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Nexus is an important milestone in the development of MMORPGs:

Nexus is considered a technical precursor for the ultrapopular online role-playing line of competitor NCS oft. The game is of Jake Song, one of the important MMORPG programmers in South Korea. He made lineage and acreage afterwards. 1999 Nexus set a record with 12,263 users who were active at the same time in the same world. Even today, Nexus is still active — that makes it the longest ongoing MMORPG with graphics because it has been played for more than 24 years.

What was that for a lawsuit? The Publisher Nixon has already initiated investigations against providers of private servers in 2018. In 2019, operators of such servers were arrested. Now the Won District Court has decided that the operators of private servers must pay 450 million Korean won, there are €336,777.

In the verdict, the server operators have injured copyright by copying the game without permission. They would have benefited from this and from this illegal version would result in damage to the plaintiff.

From Nixon it says: It is for you to eliminate very high importance to eliminate illegal private servers. One observes the market and reacted to situations.

Private server — play in the gray zone

Why is that important ? Private server is not only to such MMORPGs like Nexus, which are more obscure from our western point of view, but also to the western popular MMORPGs.

Just to play private servers that are still actively developed and with which the publisher still earns money, moving in constant fear that a developer proceeds against it.

Most private servers exist in a gray zone and do not want to talk about them all about them. As a private server to Wow, which offered a Classic version, was very popular, Blizzard went against him and let him close. Some servers also focus on finding shelter in a country to which corporations can not exercise any direct, legal access.

Even private servers to Meting 2 or Black Desert were closed by the publishers.

Sometimes different is the situation in MMORPGs already set by the publishers.

Private server to Warhammer Online today are open and promoted to continue the actually set game. At Star Wars: Galaxies there is a similar situation.

The original developers seem to even support that subliminal. Whether the actual right holders do not support that, you do not know. There is a lot on the motto where no plaintiff is, is not a judge.

On the case of Nexus you can see how delicate the location of private servers is still. There was a plaintiff and consequently a judge.

We reported the boss of Nixon in May. For those who are €337,000 probably only Peanuts :

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