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LOL: The last error of the Riot spaghetti code is that Bard Meeps block turrets

Among the Anglo-Saxon players of League of Legends, it is often said that the Riot Games Mob code is like spaghetti. If you view a plate of this pasta, you will see a lot of threaded complexly between a lot of threads more. Well, that's how you see the League of Legends code after more than 10 years of patches and updates.

And all this usually explodes in a preseason, at which time Riot Games adds a lot of new content than not necessarily. This time, the new problem makes Bard Meets block skills and shots of the turrets in the sum maker crack, something really powerful.

As the extracts published in the Subreddit de Lol program show, the problem is similar to what happened in the past with Pix, the Lulu fairy. Basically, the small ally that should only serve as a reference to launch certain skills, becomes a unit with its own entity and gets a hatbox, that is, it can be beaten when I could not:

Riot Games You have not confirmed anything, but by what the comments point out, the error can be caused by the new interaction of the Hex tech portals of the new League of Legends crack. By using the portals, Bard makes it the Meets of him become a character to which he can aim.

What Are Meeps? (Bard Lore)

More interesting interactions with preseason news involve a Sion that can reappear up to seven times in a row or a nocturne that launches the definitive one twice in the same fight. LOL is now on your 11.24 patch that brings with it the new gallant event and the Prestige store. Take a look at some already disclosed details about the 12.1 update, such as Janna's mini reworking.

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