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Genshin Impact shows character

Akira Shiva (石田 彰, Shiva Akira?, Nissan, Rich, Japan, November 2, 1967) is a Japanese voice actor. He used to be component of the company MAUs Promo (formerly recognized as Khaki Manufacturing, till his name in 1990) given that 1988 up until the retirement of him in March 2009, when he moved to Gerber Peerless. A few of his most outstanding roles are that of Kathryn Gala in Gun dam Seed Fate, Keyword NASA in Neon Genesis Evangelist, Potato Satsuma in Gautama, Paralegal in KO Kara Mao!, GAAR in Naruto, Yakuza Toga mi in Danganronpa, Zaire in Fairy Tail, Dakota Yuri in Shin Mega mi Tense: Person 3 and Regulus Corneas in Re: Zero Kara Hammer Sakai Shiatsu. For his duty as Kathryn Gala in Gun dam Seed Fate, he was elected as one of the most popular voice star at the Anime Grand Prix of the 2004 publication. In the initial version of the Says Awards in 2007, he won in the most effective category Circulation star.

A first character teaser Arawak Into Impact was monensin published. However, the teaser shows not only the popular freshman, but still has a very special surprise in store for the players: Amato Kamikazes voice. Fans catapult Amato directly into the Twitter trends and can hardly believe it.

Who is Amato Kamikaze at all? Amato Kamikaze is the older brother of Ayala Kamikaze. He is the head of Kamikaze clan, who leads the Fashion management in Trauma. Amato serves up that the government affairs, while his sister, Ayala, the clan outward toward represents.

The strong cryo-fighter Ayala Kamikaze is available for some time in Genshin Impact and is in our animal cunning in the S-animal.

Who is Arawak Into Into is a funny fellow with a large vanity. Even in battle, he checks to see if his hair sit well. The slob part of the element and Geo is an On — a kind of demon. Hence, his horns on his head come. Arawak Into is the leader of his own gear.

When can you get Into? The 5-star character Into will be available on December 14 for 3 weeks in figure action prayer. With it an additional, strong Geo Support is published called Gore. Both are available then draw around 19 pm in Geisha banner.

Into is not in their own character teaser Star

What's so funny should be during the actual focus of the teaser on Into, and he also loads of fans has inspired itself, one little set of Amato drew the attention of the audience to reflect upon. The community flooded Twitter and with the fact that Amato was heard Reddit.

When can you Amato Kamikaze hear? From 1:04 begins the conversation between Thomas and Amato. Thomas is the housekeeper of Kamikaze clan, and he speaks the unknowns with sir in, so one can conclude that the Amato Kamikaze is.

In addition, the specification of Japanese Character Teasers contains the name Amato Kamikaze and the corresponding voice actor Akira Shiva (via YouTube). Below the English teaser no information about the speaker of Amato.

For fans Amato Kamikaze great, even though they know nothing about him

So far, not much about Amato is known officially. Neither his skills, his element yet its appearance. Still, fans were excited about the little phrase that the head of the clan Kamikaze gave out — not least because the Japanese voice actor is very popular:

I heard Akira Shiva in this teaser. If Shiva is the voice actor for Amato, it is a must-pull for me, Emma put forward for his firm and has already received over 2700 up votes on the commentary (via YouTube) That's what I mean, she sums up the situation quite well together: The teaser should people really hyped for Into, but Amato steel simply the spotlight with his few seconds. (Via YouTube) Antz3 is hype: These are not crumbs, that's the whole bakery! Let's go! (Via Reddit) Andante quarrels: This is definitely Amato at the end, with Thomas. I thought about it, to draw Into and his weapon, but perhaps the weapon can also wait. (Via YouTube) Twitter users Jr0se on ii posted a matching contribution: It's an Itto-teaser, but people freak because Amato out.

speculation Yates appearance exacerbated

Note: The following section contains possible spoilers and leaks. Please enjoy this information with caution.

According to a leaker, the late already Dittos look correct, Amato to have white hair and wearing uniform, which looks like the navy uniforms from One Piece (via Reddit).

Amato Kamikaze has also speaks the character Otto with Akira Shiva in Genshin Impact the same voice actor in the Japanese version of the game Honkies Impact 3rd.

Because photo are the developers of Genshin Impact and Impact Honkies 3rd and Otto wearing a similar uniform, has described the leaker, Fans see the possibility that Amato could actually look something like this (via Reddit).

Character Teaser -

It would at least not that Gen shin orients the first time the character design of Honkies Impact: Yale Mike from Genshin Impact looks as same as Yale Sakura from Honkies. Or the unknown goddess at the beginning of Gen shin has not only inherited the appearance of Diana (ruler shape) from Honkies, but also the same voice actor.

We can only let us surprise you how Amato Kamikaze will really look like. As soon will learn more about him, we tell you of course here on Mango.

Are you looking forward to Amato and saves hardworking veteran? Or you Pull rather Into and do not be impressed by Yates voice? Writes us like in the comments.

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