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Crimson Desert presents its new engine - shows how nice the next MMOs will look like

Crimson Desert is an upcoming open world action adventure as well as action role-playing video game established and also published by Pearl Abyss.

Crimson Desert is the next big project of Pearl Abyss, the developers of Black Desert. As part of the G-Star 2021, a gaming trade show in Korea, they showed the characteristics of their new engine. Which is to provide appropriate light and a realistic physics.

What is this engine? Pearl Abyss has created with a Black Desert especially graphically very successful MMORPG. For their new games own engine have used the higher-quality games for more players at the same time should offer.

To use this comes at the new games Crimson Desert, Does and plan 8. All will offer multiplayer options and Crimson Desert large PVP battles are planned to fortresses. To be even better with the new engine.

The engine presented the developer in the G-Star 2021 and also given the Korean Website devices, stock an interview (via An insight into the engine gives this video:

focus on realistic physics and appropriate lighting

What you see in the video? In the video, the special features of the new engine were presented. One is the realistic physics, when it comes to snow, wind or around flying foliage.

At the beginning you see a character running through snow and there leaves marks. Where he comes up with his foot, the snow disappears, and around it is pressed somewhat flat. These marks also do not disappear immediately when one moves a little longer. Similarly, later with the foliage.

From second 30 can be seen then wind and weather. The trees move differently depending on the wind strength, and it is snow, which then remains lie on the former green meadow.

At the end you see a cape blowing in the wind.

Crimson Desert - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2020 What about the lighting? How Pearl Abyss revealed in an interview that they use a special technique called Ray marched Shadow. The function like ray tracing work and also pay attention to how behave the objects seen (whether they reflect some light) and what other light sources still exist that could provide more shade.

Depending on the graphics settings, players are many details to do, such as in paved road in this picture.

In addition, they have developed a special fluid technique by which they can create realistic fog, sandstorms and similar effects.

3 new titles of Pearl Abyss come in the next few years

What games are developed with the engine? Currently, Pearl Abyss is working on three games. The title, which will probably appear first, Crimson Desert is. It is a mix of action-adventure and MMORPG:

The story campaign you certainly can in single player or coop experience, because you're playing solid characters like MacDuff and members of his mercenary gang. However, to seamlessly merge into each single player and multiplayer. However, In Endgame, there will be missions for group player, dungeons and battles fortresses in PVP.

Also in the new engine Does is developed. The open world is somewhat reminiscent of Pokémon and will be aimed at the entire family.

The third title is Plan 8, a loot shooter that some of Destiny 2 or The Division recalls. He is co-developed among others by the Counter-Strike inventor Mind Le. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic scenario, and you will with Ex suits along walls run, fly and can use excessive force.

The shooter should for PC and next-gen consoles appear, but only in a few years. More from Plan 8 found here:

More from Plan 8, the MMO shooter from Counterstroke creator


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