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Women Football: Giant step to the World Cup

The German footballers are a giant step closer to the World Cup ticket. The DFB selection won the top game in Portugal at the annual financial statements Sovereign with 3: 1 (3: 1). Their projection on the direct pursuers built the flawless leaders in the qualification group H on five points.

Lea Schiller (15.), Svenja Hugh (23rd) and Melanie Leopold (28th) achieved the German goals in the sixth victory in the sixth game on the way to the final round 2023 in Australia and New Zealand in Faro. By contrast, National Teacher Merle Fr ohms underlie an own goal after a missed foul foot of Carole Costa (34.).

Women's EURO final highlights: Netherlands v Denmark We started very well, then we got an unnecessary goal. The second half was a bit crushed then, said Melanie Leopold after her 75th country game: But in the end, we are glad about the three points, we'll take it the new year.

The coming months are all about the European Championship in England (6 to 31 July 2022). This year, the Recordenuropamister closed with nine wins, a draw (against Chile) and two defeats (in France and the Netherlands). The European Championship year begins for the DFB team with a location determination at a mini-tournament in February in England. In addition to the euro host, Olympic champion can take part in Canada and EM group opponents of Spain.

Four days after the 8-0 against Turkey, national trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg had adjusted their listening to four positions on the far stronger opponents. So in the defense Marina Hearing and Giulia Going gave her to her starter comeback, Kathryn Hendrick moved right into the four-chain.

Schiller is headed by head

For the 75th international match Leopold was allowed to participate in midfield from the beginning and immediately set accents. The 1-0, however, succeeded as so often Bayern-Torjäger Schiller by head after a corner of Clara Bull. The German team now dominated from 500 spectators at the Studio de São Luís. Upon presentation of Leopold, Hugh increased in a placed 20-meter shot, then Chelsea Profit Leopold met even from the distance. The goal then fell like out of nothing.

Since Fr ohms came too late against Ana Borges and the attacker in the penalty area took the legs, referee Rebecca Welch (England) logically penalty. Although Costa joined the left posts, the aluminum did the ball unfortunately bounced on the back of the Eintracht-Keeperin and from there into the gate.

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This gave the Portuguinnen new courage, even after the break, they increased the pressure and lurked on their chance. The DFB selection, however, were at times too hectic and slippery in the opportunity utilization.


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