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The Jackbox Party Pack 8 in the test: heights, depths and an absolute highlight

It gets colder and darker, one or the other party evening inevitably relocates itself back into its own four walls. How nice that just like every year, a new Jack box Party Pack opposes the door to bring a bit of pep into the lap. We tried the five new games and tested for entertainment value.

If you do not know the jack box principle, here is the scarce summary: for the price of about 25 euros you will receive five to six community games per party package. Since you only need a controller for the menus and control the rest of the games with your cell phones or tablets, more people can mix than just the usual four.

Jack box 5 in the test on PC Games Jack box 6 in the test on PC Games Jack box 7 in the test on PC Games

In Party Pack 8, the maximum 10 party guests are at the same time! (Almost) all the games of the collection, which we imagine and evaluate individually, are fix explained, humorous and put on interaction among the players. And we set off with the first game of the Jackson collection number eight, the successor of the drawing game classic Dr awful.

Table of contents

  1. 1Drawful animate
  2. 2The Wheel of Enormous Proportions
  3. 3 job
  4. 4the poll mine
  5. 5weapons Drawn

Dr awful animate

After extensive viewing of animated artwork in Dr awful Animate, each player gives a tip which terms could be presented. Source: Jackson Games As the name implies, this game is a variant of the already known Dr awful. Instead of just a drawing, you manufacture two pictures this time, which are played in succession, so that a small two-frame animation is created. The teammates must then advise what was presented.

Due to the additional step, also a second picture to draw and some relatively complex terms for displaying and guessing are the entry-level hurdle and creative effort higher than the well-known Dr awful. Nevertheless, the game is very good for the beginning of a humid in the evening.

Too bad just that some terms do not necessarily require an animation. For example, when we pulled the big lot to animate, how countries Germany and France kiss.

Rating 7/10

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is a mix of quiz and gambling. Accordingly, knowledge is usually not necessary for the victory. Source: Jack box Games after a drawing game now a quiz game — at least as half. Jack box 8 is previously predictable in its composition. However, in Wheel of enormous proportions, not only general knowledge is needed, but also a decent serving of luck. The more you know in the questionnaire, the more sections on a big roulette you can provide your color.

Then every time you can turn, the pointer lands on your color, gets your coins. The player who first reaches sum X has recovered. Wheel of enormous proportions is not very mature, the random factor plays a greater role than in a Trivia Murder Party. This declares victory and dampens the tension.

In view of the better alternative from other Jack box Party Packs, the roulette is probably not exceptionally often started, especially since the moderator simply annoys.

Rating: 4/10


The application conversation game Job is understood immediately and just as quickly ensures mood. The highlight of the game collection! Source: Jack box Games Joy! Alone for Job is worth the acquisition of Jack box Party Pack 8. The title is not only by far the best of the current collection, but also plays in the canon of the entire row on the foremost places between Cabbage, Quip lash and Co. with. You answer questions, the words used are collapsed and provided to all other players.

From the building blocks, you must then make an answer to a question in an application interview, which may cause somehow sense and that ideally is so funny that is voted for you. Difficult to describe, but in practice really clearly understandable and with laugh guarantee.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Official Trailer It is also particularly beautiful that you can easily write in German here. However, English skills are needed to understand the questions. Job has transformed the participants our test round in salmon-winning gentleman happiness.

Rating: 10/10

The Poll Mine

The poll mine might not care but as simple as Dr awful Animate or job is definitely for lively discussion (or argument). Source: Jackson Games Do you know any family duel? The poll mine works very similarly. The players are divided into two groups and then get set before a question. Specific example: What items would you take in a trip to the past in order to befriend you with the Stone Age people or impress them?

Each arranges the terms at its discretion, on the importance. To move forward in the mines (and win), the teams must now define their assumption of correct sequence of all terms. Sometimes vice versa, so what were all those voting on worthless for time travel?

The poll Mine is not necessarily a fun game, but definitely it will make for lively conversations. We would certainly not intend to ever discuss so fervently, whether it is sensible to come by with matches or a flashlight with cavemen.

Rating 7/10

Weapons Drawn

Tip: Plays Weapons Drawn if the capacity of those present has not been compromised at a party evening rather just beginning. Source: Jackson Games The last track of the games is also by far the most unusual. To explain the concept exactly, would take up too much space, which suggests that Weapons Drawn possibly is for a party late at night and even with a certain alcohol level the worst possible choice.

Roughly words, you killed the Wizard of other players (of course only virtually!) Using your self-made weapon, but which gets your name always a small indication of the perpetrators in the form of the letter. There are other aspects that makes Weapons Drawn to one of the longest matches of the entire Jackson history.

If you have the leisure to sit on the seat of your pants and follow the explanations focused, has Weapons Drawn potential, but in the same package puts so too does the murderously amusing job...

Rating: 4/10

So the general conclusion is: Thanks to job is Jackson Party Pack 8 an absolute recommendation for party games evenings. As always, something that does not taste so good is just attend as a bag of mixed rubber candy (or at least not any tastes).

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But Job found all the test subjects very delicious! A note: The screenshots are in press images — but the game looks exactly.

The Jackson Party Pack 8 has been available since October 14, 2021, for PC, PS 5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One.

My opinion

Katharina Pace Editorial manager [email protected]

Thanks, Job Job number eight is a must-have among Jackson packages.

After the first round of job in the test group was clear: This is a hit! None of the other titles in the package we have spent so much time, now it is one in every Jackson evening a must. Thought to be fired up no more time Weapons Drawn and The Wheel of Enormous Proportions that take too long and are not even funny enough for boozy events. Unlike Dr awful Animate and The Poll mine, but next job inevitably fade. Of course, it depends on the composition and tastes within the round to arrive which titles better or worse, that s why I still rate to try out all the games at least once. Especially at the Weapons Drawn different opinions have interested me, and apparently the title is very mixed reception. That job, but a large part of the gaming community is beautifully maintained, it is absolutely no doubt!

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The Jackson Party Pack 8 in the test: highs, lows and an absolute highlight (1) [Source: Jackson Games]

From Katharina Pace Editorial manager 14.11.2021 at 08:30


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