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The Diablo-MMO Lost Ark starts successfully on Steam - reaches top

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Yesterday, the beta started to the new MMORPLOST ARK and that very successful. Directly at the beginning of the closed beta, the Diablo-MMO reaches the top 10 on Steam. We believe of Meinmmo together.

What happened to Lost Ark? The Korean MMORPG actually comes out with us next year. So that this works smoothly, yesterday started a technical, closed beta, in which some players could play themselves for the first time.

The crowd on the game is great, because although only pre-orderers may play along and those who have won a key reached Lost Ark last night over 88,000 simultaneous players last night.

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This led to enormous queues at the beginning of the beta when logging in, which were desired by the developers. They wrote on Twitter that in the first three hours there will be a specifically login queue and you want to test these to ensure the best possible final release (Via Twitter).

The beta gave a place in the top 10 most played games on Steam. However, it will be even more exciting if you look at the Steam sales charts.

Free2Play game as a top seller: apart from the high number of players already in the beta, another steam top list stands out even more. The game, which is supposed to come out as a free2play title, also stops after the start of the beta still in 6 and 7 of the sales charts.

It is the pre-order packages that promise you to start certain advantages and are also practical before the start, they provide you with immediate access to the current current beta.

However, that would already do the cheapest package for 14.99 €. This so-called bronze package lands in 7th place 7 of the charts, further on the front place 6 stops the Platinum Edition of the packages, the whopping 99.99 costs.

The players love Lost Ark

How does Lost Ark arrive at the players? In addition to the good placement in the sales charts, especially the ratings of the MMORPG stand out.

Because Lost Ark is currently the best valued MMO on Steam. Of a total of 1,064 reviews, 96% are positive, which does not give the first place the not yet published MMORPG. Here you will find a list of MMORPGs with the best reviews on Steam.

What the players say? In Reddit, a thread is currently being hotly discussed hot, who had the title Amazon would have had to put out Lost Ark first. Other threads that are talked about how much fun is the game getting numerous upvotes.

The user Zambash writes (via reddit): I know that many people currently have technical problems. But people, that s a beta and the game is just great. I could not stop playing after an hour and I am now extremely on the final release. Also User Coffeelvernathan writes: I waited for years on this game and that s absolutely worth it. I just can not put the game away. It just feels everything so good and liquid. The user pariah is followed by: My only criticism is that the new prologue is really funny. [...] The gameplay is just damn cool. It feels so satisfactory to run around in the area with a sword that is greater than me. I can not expect the launch anymore!

Lost Ark is great for Diablo fans, but no Diablo alternative

What is Lost Ark? In his core, Lost Ark is a MMORPG and overlooking many players when they deal with the game only briefly. Due to the ISO perspective, the monster hordes and the focus on the hack & slay combat system, this is more than understandable.

But Lost Ark is not a second Diablo, it s an MMORPG. With many skills, character optimization, role-playing and raids. Anyone expecting a hack & slay game here will not come to its expense for short or long.

Because the MMORPG goes deeper in many places where a hack & slay would not do. Just as the optimization of your character or your island is concerned. The various romances are rather untypical for the genre.

What can you expect? The fights of Lost Ark are good, feel powerful and liquid. What you get, however, is an MMORPG, behind the more than just the combat system.

Lost Ark is therefore recommended for all fans of Diablo, but no other Diablo want to play. Just as for MMORPG fans looking for a refreshingly new type of MMORPG.

Did you already play the beta? How do you find the game so far and what are your biggest criticisms? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.

Incidentally, our author Mark Sellner could play the game already in front of the beta and tells you why the game makes much right, but also one thing really wrong:

Today the new MMORPG Lost Ark starts - we played it already 12 hours


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