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Starfield will be like a Skyrim, but in space, says Todd Howard, Bethesda

We are celebrating, since 10 years of the launch of Skyrim and, therefore, arrives The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition. But, in addition to reviving the mythical RPG, Bethesda fans have Star field s development in mind, the new and ambitious project of the company.

After a while without speaking too much, Todd Howard has granted an interview with Portal IGN, where he has defined the project as a Skyrim in space. Come on, what we have said all from the beginning, but it has more weight, obviously, if one of the Bethesda Heads say.

BIG Bethesda News - Todd Howard on Fallout 5, Starfield Upgrades, TES 6 Development

The creative and executive has gone further, of course, defining a little some of the next novelties that we can find in Star field and the resemblances with the mythical game of the Elder Scrolls. Star field s skill system is very similar to Skyrim. There is a lot of Skyrim in games like Star field. In those things that we like, be able to touch the world, see the factions... Star field is like Skyrim but in The space, in the best of the senses.

Of course, before the factions and possibilities it offers, the documentary load will be very broad in the game. Although the truth is that the director of the game does not give many details, it seems that we will have to face existential and moral dilemmas: We ask some very important questions in the game. What people have always been asked when looking towards The sky, you know?. What s out there? Why are we here? How do we get here?. Forms of entertainment, and I think we have a unique opportunity to present them with a game like this, where maybe we do not have all the answers, but I think it s good to make people think, said Howard in a previous interview.

We will have to expect something less than a year and a half to take off with the Star field ship, which will reach PC and Xbox in 2022, being included since its launch at the Xbox Game Pass service.


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