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Lost Ark supplies concentrated action with 15 classes - see here in the video as you look

The MMORPLOST ARK is now published in several regions and gets continuous content updates. The game has 21 different classes that have all your gameplay features.

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To release in spring 2022 in the west, 15 of the classes will be playable. In the video we show you which ones that are and what makes it.

Lost Ark CLASS CHANGES, NEW FEATURES & QUALITY OF LIFE Improvements How does the class system of Lost Ark? The players have the selection between 5 different basic classes that are gender locked. The basic classes are martial artist, warriors, magician, canonal and assassinine.

From Level 10 and after playing a starter quest series you get the opportunity to specialize you on an advanced class:

The martial artist can become scrapper, soul fist, war dancer or battle monk. The warrior to Pistolenlanzer, Berserker or Paladin. The magician becomes bardin or summoner. The canonier can develop to develop artists, artists, artilleryists or snipers. The Assassinin becomes death blade or shadow hunter.

In contrast to many classic MMORPGS, Lost Ark does not use the Holy Trinity system from tanks, healers and DDS. Instead, almost all classes have support and CC capabilities that they can use in combat.

Lost Ark is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs, which appear in the West 2021/2022. After the first alpha test, many are looking forward to the beta to the game. The Closed Beta starts on 4 November and goes until November 11th.


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