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Dying Light 2 is developing to the next great character-controlled role-playing game

When I added myself a few weeks ago to play Dying Light 2, I was not sure what to expect. A game that is published seven years after the original and that was cleared by delays, I could have expected a fleshy, exciting continuation of Dying Light or a chaotic game without a real focus.

Luckily, after about four hours, I can say that Dying Light 2 develops into an exciting continuation that leads the series with its focus on narrative and characters into a new, fascinating direction. While his predecessor felt like a very good open-world zombie action game, Dying Light 2 is really a character-oriented role-playing game that comes into the footsteps of The Witcher and Fallout.

Already at the first revelation in 2018, it was clear that the distinguishing feature between Dying Light and its continuation of the focus was on folded narrative decisions and impressive characters — something that was more than obvious in the preview. Dying Light 2 is full of dialogues and distributes conversations, quest series, friends, enemies and interesting people in his open world, so they can discover them and get to know them. And all about these characters — even those who are only there to promote the plot — scream for first class storytelling potential.

With excellent dialogues that root every single one in the world of the game, a city called Villeroy, and first-class achievements of main and secondary characters, I was overwhelmed by the advances in the narrative division compared to the original Dying Light. Like Bethesda with Fallout and Rock star with Red Dead Redemption 2, Tech land has given every single character a deep background story that makes the world rich and unique.

Dying Light 2 NEEDS this in 2022... Of course, when an actress is like Rosario Dawson Lawn, who seems to be one of the main characters of the game, but the people who meet elsewhere and only briefly in side quests have genuine humanity when they try to deal with the Impact of a persistent pandemic — we only know too well.

Thanks to these delays and their own pandemic, Dying Light 2 and his scene feel urgently on the reality. Whether it s about hiding the residents of Villeroy before the threat of the great wide world or deciding to take risks protecting others, every single decision in this virtual reality feels strangely home.

A mission I have experienced felt like a blow to the stomach pit. When I met an ally, Nathan, who was seriously injured and stuck in a building, I saw how he called his mother about funk and believed that he would die — just to say a last time. After months of news and YouTube videos in which people call their sick relatives in the hospital, this moment felt rough and real.

When I sat in my place and watched what the moment took place, I went from the idea that he had no chance of survival, at the desire to bring him back to the settlement of the survivors, so he could see his mother again. Would I have had this sensory change before I would have made a pandemic? I can not say it, but it is clear that the environment in which we are today — and in Villeroy — forces us to make emotional decisions for good or bad.

It is worth noting that this was the only interaction of this kind I ve seen, mainly due to the fact that Tech land seemed to protect in this session pretty much in front of spoilers, but I do not think it will be the last. While it was difficult to build a long-term connection to the characters in Dying Light 2, this mission has brought me this mission to change my opinion from the assumption that Dying Light 2 does nothing special to think that Game has a lot of potential.

When Tech land can build on these harsh, emotional moments that evoke memories from a not too distant past, the developer could have something powerful here, which will make it to tell a hard but thrilling story about the survival fight of humanity.


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