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Dejan Ljubicic About Brother Robert: Rapid is another level

Sir Andrew Barron Murray (born 15 May 1987) is a British specialist tennis gamer from Scotland. He had actually been rated world No. 1 by the Organization of Tennis Specialists (ATP) for 41 weeks, and finished as the year-end No. 1 in 2016. He has won 3 Conquest singles titles, 2 at Wimbledon (2013 and 2016) and also one at the United States Open (2012 ), as well as has actually reached eleven major finals. Murray was rated in the top 10 for all however one month from July 2008 with October 2017, as well as completed no less than No. 4 in 8 of the 9 year-end positions during that period. Murray has actually won 46 ATP singles titles, consisting of 14 ATP Masters 1000 occasions.

Rapid Vienna Captain Dejan Ljubicic at his last off-season S&C training 2020/2021 Initially coached by his mommy Judy alongside his older brother Jamie, Murray relocated to Barcelona at age 15 to educate at the Sánchez-Casal Academy. He began his expert profession around the moment Roger Federer and also Rafael Nadal established themselves as the two leading players in males s tennis. Murray had immediate success on the ATP Excursion, making his leading 10 debut in 2007 at age 19. By 2010, Murray and Novak Djokovic had separated themselves from the rest of men s tennis, joining Federer as well as Nadal in the Big Four, the team of players who controlled guys s tennis throughout the 2010s. Murray initially struggled against the remainder of the Big 4, shedding his first four Conquest finals, 3 to Federer as well as one to Djokovic. He made his major innovation in 2012 by defeating Djokovic to win the United States Open. With this title, he became the very first British Conquest singles champion considering that Virginia Pitch in 1977, as well as the first male champ given that Fred Perry in 1936. A month previously, he won the guys s songs gold medal against Federer at the 2012 London Olympics. From 2013 with 2016, Murray reached another 6 significant finals. He won 2 of these experiences, at Wimbledon in 2013 and 2016. Murray had his career-best period in 2016. During that year, Murray made 3 significant finals, winning Wimbledon. He likewise safeguarded his title at the 2016 Rio Olympics to become the only man with 2 Olympic gold medals in singles. Murray likewise became globe No. 1 for the very first time and also clinched the year-end No. 1 ranking by winning his only ATP Finals versus Djokovic. Considering that 2016, he has battled with various injuries and also dropped out of the leading 100 in 2018 due to only seldom playing on scenic tour. Murray is an all-court player that masters particular at protection, returning offer and building factors. He is generally considered having among the most effective and most constant two-handed backhands on the ATP Trip. Murray is thought about a national hero in Great Britain for reestablishing the country as a leading pressure in men s tennis for the initial time considering that the early 20th century. He and his brother led the Excellent Britain Davis Mug team to a title in 2015. Murray has actually been forthright as a feminist, as well as ended up being just the 2nd leading 10 gamer in the history of the ATP Trip to have a women instructor when he employed Amélie Mauresmo.

In summer, Dejan Ljubicic moved from Sk Rapid to 1st FC Cologne and Brother Robert Ljubicic hired in Hütteldorf. Now the Germany legionnaire talks about the first months of his brother at Rapid.

Dejan Ljubicic, which in Cologne immediately played a punch, was replaced at Rapid of Brother Robert. The midfielder docked free shipping from SKN St. Pölten and showed good games, but also undisciplined moments - such as the 3-2 victory against the LASK when he flew off with an opportunity from the square.

He makes his thing very well. You have to concern: He came from St. Pölten, the relegated. There were hardly fans, little pressure. Rapid is another level. He has to learn now to deal with the increased expectations and the bustle, Basically, it is the perfect next step, says the Cologne Legionnaire now the daily newspaper Theute.

Also telephoned on the red card against the LASK after the final whistle. He knows that it was completely unnecessary, the emotions have passed with him. He is stinking at himself, because he hurts the whole team with it. Rapid has hurt many - and now he still falls off, says Dejan Ljubicic.

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The victory against the LASK was a liberation strike for Rapid, in the table one is now even on the fifth place in the table - before Austria. Of course you can not speak of satisfaction with the green-white.

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I did not think it s so hard. Surely with Mateo Barac, Yusuf Demir and gone good players, but they have come: my brother, Marco Grüll, Jonas Auer. They all have to get used to it first to deny so many games. That takes a certain amount of time. Rapid is in a small crisis, even if you have not lost in October. You always have to look forward, says Ljubicic.


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