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Champions League: Tuesdays Conference - Barca trembles to victory, Ronaldo with last minute

In the Champions League group stage 4. Round stood on Tuesday. Bayern and Juve won both sovereign, Barcelona trembled to a 1: 0 win against Kiev and Atalanta and Manchester United parted 2: 2 by Ronaldo s last-minute goal. The live ticker for your perusal.

Champions League conference on Tuesday: All results at a glance

time | Home | result | outwards - 18:45 | VfL Wolfsburg | 2: 1 | RB Salzburg 18:45 | Malmo FF | 0: 1 | Chelsea FC 21:00 | Bayern Munich | 5: 2 | Benfica 21:00 | Atalanta Bergamo | 2: 2 | Manchester United 21:00 | Dynamo Kiev | 0: 1 | FC Barcelona 21:00 | Juventus | 4: 2 | Zenit St. Petersburg 21:00 | FC Villareal | 2: 0 | Young Boys Bern 21:00 | FC Sevilla | 1: 2 | OSC Lille

Champions League: The live ticker of Tuesday s conference for future

We say goodbye at this point for today, thank you for your interest in our reporting and still want a nice evening and good night. Tomorrow we continue in the Champions League! Until next time, then! Goodbye.

we look at the groups of four matches: Bayern (12) before Barcelona (6) in Group E, Group F lead Manchester United or Ronaldo Football Club (7) before Villarreal (7), Salzburg is despite the defeat Wolfsburg further at the top of the group G in front of Lille (5) and the same number of points Lower Saxony. Juventus (12) in the group H already left out and follow the best chance of the old lady Chelsea (9).

It is then tonight after all still a bit what happens. Bayern Munich and Juventus have captured two goals, but also achieved the double number at least. The wages of labor is the premature feeding of both teams in the first knockout round of the Champions League.

Champions League: Tuesday s conference today in Live Scores - Played

Enough! The games are blown!

90 + 2 Atalanta -. Man United GOAL! Atalanta Bergamo - MANCHESTER UNITED 2: 2! And the Red Devils do it! And again it is Ronaldo! Bergamo gets on own penalty area the ball is not weggestochert. Ronaldo takes a mid high bouncing ball directly volley from the penalty area to the bottom left next to him welded the post

90 + 2 Juventus - St. Petersburg GOAL! Juventus Turin - ZENIT ST. PETERSBURG 4: 2! Guests can run a little consolation. Dzyuba puts a high cross from Barrios to the side, and gives Sardar Azmoun the appropriate final chance sitting out six meters.

. 89 Villareal - Young Boys GOAL! VILLARREAL CF - Young Boys Bern 2: 0! Danjuma concerned the decision. Goal scorer Capoue loses the ball dribbling on the left flank, but does not gradually pursues two Berner. The second, Rieder, he Lynx with the Pike the ball, and plays directly into the path of Danjuma. The striker makes a few meters and take freezing cold into the left corner to make it 2: 0 !

84 Bayern Munich -. Benfica GOAL! BAYERN MUNICH - Benfica 5: 2! Manuel Neuer kicking the ball far forward. Benfica s defense shows up poorly stocked. Halbrechts in the penalty area brings Robert Lewandowski, the ball cleanly under control, lifts it from about 15 meters over the onrushing Odisseas Vlachodimos into the box and marked his third goal of the evening.

85 Juventus -. St. Petersburg Dybala allowed to pick up the extra applause. The two-time scorer and best player on the pitch is prematurely replaced by Dejan Kulusevski.

84 Kiev -. Barcelona kick for Dynamo from the left half field - the ball flies quite high at the back post, too high for Benjamin Verbic of belonging that emerges below the ball.

82 . J uventus - St. Petersburg GOAL! JUVENTUS TURIN - Zenit St. Petersburg 4: 1! Now, the result becomes clear. The Zenit-defense can slip through the ball so Dybala can fit into the path of Alvaro Morata, who no longer can now be free with only the keeper the chance to take and einnetzt bottom left.

. 77 Kiev - Barcelona On the other side it tries Dembele! One shot, half-right corner of the box on the right corner. Bush Chan buries the ball among themselves.

. 75 Villarreal - Young Boys triple substitution YB: Quentin Maceiras coming for Fabian Rieder, Jordan Lefort replaces Ulisses Garcia and Felix Mambimbi claps Vincent Sierro from.

  1. Bavaria Munich - Benfica Tooor! Bayern Munich - Benfica Lisbon 4: 2! The FCB remains prone to the back! The households are very excited - with all field players in the opposing half. And then he starts a counterattack of German record champions. Although some Municher throw back, but Joao Mario retains the view, the ball is at the right moment in the free space to Darwin Nunez. This does not shoot from eleven meters at all, manuel new nevertheless between the trouser carriers.

  2. Juventus - St. Petersburg tooor! Juventus Turin - Zenit St. Petersburg 3: 1! The decision? Bernardeschi sends Federico Chiesa to the journey. In the penalty area, this two opponents run into the emptiness and then pulls off from the left into the long corner.

  3. Juventus - St. Petersburg from the stand attracts Malcom 17 meters in front of the gate, the shot fit. But Szczesny is long and defends to the corner. Now Zenit has a small driving phase.

  4. Kiev - Barcelona tooor! Dynamo Kiev - FC Barcelona 0: 1! The guests are ready! From law, Mingueza plays the ball sharp to the penalty point, half way fakes Shaparenko unhappy. So the ball ends with Fati, which carries out under the lath from ten meters!

  5. Seville - Lille Lille was offensive in the first half of the first half and came into the game only by the penalty. In the second half, the French even turn the game and do not stop acting to act offensive. Seville is also touched and moved forward. In the game is just a lot of fire in it.

  6. Kiev - Barcelona Penalty for Barca? Casual in the penalty area of ​​the Ukrainian, Fati wants to shoot, but meets himself with the right foot on the left. Something awkward. Because there was also a defender involved, the Fati has slightly touched, the Barca Youngster of course wants a penalty. Hategan first shows the point, but the scene should still be checked.. and then he also waves. It continues!

  7. Seville - Lille Coach Lopetegui now sees the yellow card after complaining about the referee Kovac s loudly. He previously demanded the Var at the swallow of En-Nesyri.

  8. Juventus - St. Petersburg Dybala comes to double pass with Kcmennie the next good shot. The degree from 16 meters walks only centimeters to the right on the box. For Dybala it was already the seventh goal shot.

  9. Bavaria Munich - Benfica Tooor! Bayern Munich - Benfica Lisbon 4: 1! With a long ball, Leroy Sane is sent to the trip and then retains the tranquility and overview to wait for the reverse Robert Lewandowski. The cross-pass comes exactly in the course of the Poland, the free train has in the sixteen and brightly dressed up. With a noble lifter, the scorer nurses the guest kiteper and meets the 80th time in the premier class.

  10. Atalanta - Man United Tooor! Atalanta Bergamo - Manchester United 2: 1! No offside! The Italians lead again! De Roon Chilts from the left side into the run of Zapata, which proceeds immediately towards the Gate. Maguire, who was previously with Zapata at the same height, does not come with a grasse and then looks from behind, as the Colombian sets against de GE.

  11. Atalanta - Man United The Var makes a Goal Check - Duvan Zapata had promoted the ball to the goal, but it could have been offside.

EEN ONGEKEND SPEKTAKEL!! ????????  | Barcelona vs Bayern München | Champions League 2019/20 | Samenvatting

  1. Juventus - St. Petersburg TOOOR! Juventus Turin - Zenit St. Petersburg 2: 1! Again, Paulo Dybala takes the right lower corner to the visor, this time he meets. But the keeper almost had the fingertips on it.

  2. Juventus - St. Petersburg Dybala enters and shoots over it. But you ball passes the goal right. But the penalty must be repeated, two zenit players were too early in the penalty area. Happiness for the Italians.

  3. Juventus - St. Petersburg Penalty for Juve. After a long ball of Locatelli, Chiesa penetrates the penalty area and is fouled by Claudinho.

  4. Seville - Lille Tooor! Seville FC - Lille OSC 1: 2! The French turn the game. Incredible. Lille does not find the degree in the sixteenth first, the ball seems to be clarified initially, it lands, but at the outer chest Celik. The Turk tries it in the right half of the penalty from a pointed angle and hits the left post. Delaney has stopped the ball before. The rebound from the post can push icon into gate thanks to lightning fastness.

  5. Kiev - Barcelona Memphis Depay with the corner from the right flag. The new entrance circles the ball to the fiffer, but no one of his teammates can fix the leather and clarify the Ukrainians.

  6. Juventus - St. Petersburg McKennie relocates from the middle to the right to Dybala, which it moves again in the penalty area. But then the gap opens, the placed shot strips slightly dilute at the long post.

49 . Bayern Munich - Benfica TOOOR! Bayern Munich - Benfica Lisbon 3: 1. LEROY SANE sets the next exclamation mark after the page change!

Champions League: Tuesday conference today in Liveticker - kick-off 2nd half

  1. 2 . Halftime One can be found again on the places. It goes on!

Halftime with three 1: 1, a 0: 0 and two games in which the Bayern or Villarreal lead with a goal, we go here in the break. According to the trend, there are hardly any more than advanced coffee rates reading. So we are calling an actually everything is still pretty open! And are very excited about how it develops after the page change.

Halftime The games go to the half-time break and we go with. To the second half.

Champions League: Tuesday conference today in the LiveTicker - half-time break

  1. half time The games go to the half-time break and we go with. To the second half.

  2. Atalanta - Man United Tooor! Atalanta Bergamo - Manchester United 1: 1! At once, united conjures up! Fernandes runs steeply in the penalty area, is played, but immediately sees that Ronaldo goes through and therefore presents themselves for his compatriot. For ten meters central position, it is a lightweight for the goalie machine to sink the ball to the left in the gate - the compensation!

  3. Bavaria Munich - Benfica penalty after hand game. The impartial had held with VAR consultation. Robert Lewandowski occurs, but fails with the weakly shot attempt at goalkeeper Odysseas Vlachodimos.

  4. Juventus - St. Petersburg Now Juve wants to force the lead before the break. Bernardeschi puts the ball on the left in the penalty area and takes a measure. But again the keeper dives and is on the spot. Few moments before McKennie had failed with a header.

  5. Seville - Lille Tooor! Seville FC - Lille OSC 1: 1. Jonathan David transforms the mature penalty with the right lapping at the bottom left corner!

  6. Sevilla - Lille Short interruption in Seville and penalty. Delaney has remotely hit Bamba in the sixteenthner away from the ball with his arm on his face. The wing player needs to be treated. It is the second borderline action of the Danes.

  7. Kiev - Barcelona Garmash meets Busquets on the ankle. Painful thing. And yellow for the Kiev attacker.

  8. Atalanta - Man United The Red Devils must change due to injury: Mason Greenwood comes for Raphae Varane in the field. Guests now with a four-chain.

  9. Bayern Munich - Benfica Tooor! Bayern Munich - Benfica Lisbon 2: 1

  10. Juventus - St. Petersburg Alvaro Morata briefly braves the ball from a short distance in the bags, but his wayfort previously prevents an exuberant celebration.

  11. Villarreal - Young Boys Tooor! Villarreal CF - Young Boys Bern 1: 0! Geniale idea, genial executed! With a short corner and rehearsed runway, Villarreal brings great confusion into the Bernese backman. Capoue runs free on the long post, a few bernes are bound by opponent. Parejo lets the ball slide over the clamp and flanks punishable to capout. His first header from four meters gate removal can lead to FAVRE with effort, the Volley-Markeys he has no chance. A standard from the textbook!

  12. Seville - Lille finally the first completion of Lille. David gets a good pass from the center of Andre. The Canadian has dared away from the line of defense and can operate well shortly before the sixteen. The striker does not seek the conclusion myself, but gives the ball out to Bamba left. The wing player shoots from a good 14 meters to the left in front of the gate on the box, his shot is still understood and therefore dangerous for bono. The keeper is but with a parade.

  13. Villarreal - Young Boys Short interim message from the gobless Villarreal: The second quarter of an hour there - unlike the first - want more! Fassnacht awards a volley from the right fürfereck, on the other side Pedraza moves past his flat shot on the right post.

  14. Bavaria Munich - Benfica Tooor! Bayern Munich - Benfica Lisbon 2: 0

30 Atalanta -. Man United Less than half an hour played and there are still the hosts who keep the issue of action in hands. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-already seems a little desperate his team whether the performance.

27 Kiev -. Barcelona More than 25 minutes have been played. Barca has, as expected, more of the game and also came already at odds. Really mandatory but the FCB has not yet. Instead, Kiev was courageous in the final minutes. The Ukrainians are experiencing strong five minutes.

27 . J uventus - St. Petersburg GOAL! Juventus Turin - ZENIT ST. PETERSBURG 1: 1! Juve makes even today the game itself difficult. Karavaev cross from the left. In the penalty area Leonardo Bonucci wants with his 1.90 meters clear, but his defensive header ends in a high arc over the keeper s away goal.

27 Sevilla -. Lille The Andalusians are on home soil so far the better team. Lille managed aggressively nor too little. To date, the northern French have still can not give a single shot. Sevilla however, even presses the 2: 0th

26 Bayern Munich -. Benfica GOAL! BAYERN MUNICH - Benfica 1: 0! Once more, Kingsley Coman pioneer another scoring opportunity. The Frenchman is dancing to the right into the box, and attaches an accurate cross. At the height of the second post Robert Lewandowski is quite unchallenged header and sets than bouncing from close range into the net.

24 Kiev -. Barcelona kick for the hosts from the right side near the corner flag. Mykola Shaparenko pulls the ball in the middle and after some unrest at the gate keeper makes ter Stegen for rest. Kiev now grip and biting in the game.

20 Kiev -. Barcelona Eric Garcia sees the first yellow card of the game. Barca central defender meets de Pena in a duel with his right foot on the shin.

18 Juventus -. St. Petersburg Dybala is not unstoppable. He goes to the left penalty area by two Zenit players through and fits diagonally in the backcourt. Morata shoots at full speed over the bar.

. 17 Sevilla - Lille Ui! Unfortunately for Lille, because a foul on Renato Sanches in the penalty area looks quite after a penalty, but the referee points to the apparent consultation with colleagues on the penalty kick.

. 15 Sevilla - Lille GOAL! SEVILLA FC - Lille OSC 1: 0! This leadership has indicated it. Suso dribbles on the right wing side direction of sixteen edge will be deflected by an opponent. Mandava meets with the opponent and his own man, the ball is to ricochet and finds its way back to Seville. Suso returns the ball from right to Mir near the post. Who fails from eight meters in front of the central gate of the keeper. Grbic drops the ball but after bouncing right front, there is Ocampo s absolutely right and may consist of a few meters, insert into the goal.

. 12 Atalanta - Man United GOAL! ATALANTA BERGAMO - Manchester United 1: 0! Freuler is something happy for Zapata through, then Bailly and Wan-Bissaka depends and draws from the left penalty area edge to the inside. Flat for Ilicic able quietly, the Slovenian shoots central flat on target - de Gea is still there, but faking the shot only into his own goal from.

. 11 Juventus - St. Petersburg GOAL! JUVENTUS TURIN - Zenit St. Petersburg 1: 0! Chance after chance for the home side. In the third attempt, it makes Paulo Dybala then. From left corner is sharply increasing the lead. After air duel between de Ligt and Chistyakov the ball lands at Dybala, completed the nine meters through the crowd through.

10 Kiev -. Barcelona Ansu Fati pulls to the left of goal in the penalty area, but his shot is blocked. Memphis Depay had put colleagues in scene.

7 Villarreal -. Young Boys options on both sides. First checks YB s Vincent Sierro goalkeeper Rulli, then Francis Coquelin forcing colleagues Faivre to plunge.

6 Bayern Munich -. Benfica By overcoming the initial difficulties keep the guys from Julian Nagelsmann not long on. Kingsley Coman penetrates right into the penalty area, found with his low cross Serge Gnabry at the level of the first post. Whose right-footed shot from about seven meters parried Odisseas Vlachodimos extremely responsive.

6 Sevilla -. Lille Ocampo takes out the first corner of the match in a duel with Celik. The corner kicks Acuna from the left to the near post. There Ocampos is completely free and comes from about six meters to the header. His attempt landed just over the bar.

5 Kiev -. Barcelona the ball have so far actually only the guests, but really much not s in it. Clement Lenglet shoveling the ball from the second row forward. Georgi Bush Chan grabs the toy safely.

4 Juventus -. St. Petersburg but the first really good chance heard the guests. After the corner of Rakitskiy Lovren is centrally located in the area at a much to a conclusion. He chases the header just over the crossbar a corner kick.

3 Atalanta -. Man United The Italians today, incidentally, without the German international Robin Goshen, the injured still fails a while. On the pitch, the two teams first keys from.

Champions League: Tuesday s conference today in Live Scores - kick-off

first kickoff! The referees whistle to the six games of the evening. Let s go!

Sevilla - Lille

FC Sevilla: Bono - Jesus Navas Koundé, Diego Carlos Acuna - Delaney, Fernando, Oliver - Suso, Rafa Mir, Ocampos

Lille: Grbic - Celik, José Fonte, Tiago Djalo, Reinildo - icon, André, Renato Sanches, J. Bamba - David, Weah

Villareal - Bern

Villarreal: Rulli - Mario Gaspar, Raul Albiol, Pau, Alfonso Pedraza - Parejo, Capoue, Coquelin - Yeremy, slide, Danjuma

Young Boys Bern: Faivre - S. Hefti, Bürgy, Lauper, U. Garcia - Fassnacht, Aebischer, Sierro, Rieder - Elijah moumi Ngamaleu

Juventus - St. Petersburg

Juventus: Szczesny - Danilo, Bonucci, de Ligt, Alex Sandro - Chiesa, McKennie, Locatelli, Bernardeschi - Dybala, Morata

Zenit St. Petersburg: Kritsyuk - Lovren, Chistyakov, Rakytskyy - Sutormin, Barrios, Wendel, Karavaev, Mostovoy, Claudinho - Azmoun

Kiev - Barcelona

Dynamo Kiev: Bush Chan - Kedziora, Zabarnyi, Syrota, Karavaev - Sydorchuk, Shaparenko, Tsygankov, Buyalskyi, de Pena - Garmash

FC Barcelona: ter Stegen - Mingueza, Lenglet, Garcia, Jordi Alba - F. de Jong, S. Busquets, Nico - Gavi, Depay, Ansu Fati

Bergamo - Manchester

Atalanta Bergamo: Musso - de Roon, Demiral, Palomino - Zappacosta, Freuler, T. Koopmeiners, Maehle, Ilicic, Pasalic - D. Zapata

Manchester United de Gea - Wan-Bissaka, Bailly, Varane, H. Maguire, Shaw - Bruno Fernandes, McTominay, Pogba - Rashford, Cristiano Ronaldo

Bavaria - Benfica

Bayern Munich: Neuer - Pavard, Nianzou, Upamecano, Davies - Goretzka, Kimmich, Gnabry, L. Sané, Coman - Lewandowski

Benfica: Vlachodimos - Lucas Verissimo, Morato, Vertonghen - Meité, Joao Mario, Gilberto, Grimaldo, Pizzi, Everton - Yaremchuk

This is in good fifteen minutes on with the 6 late parts of the conference. Now there is the first Lineup:

Champions League: Tuesday s conference today in Live Scores - Played

90 + 5th Wolfsburg - Salzburg final whistle, Wolfsburg beats Salzburg 2: 1.

90 + 3rd Wolfsburg - Salzburg The Salzburg now throwing everything forward of course to the first defeat of the season but to prevent somehow. To high-profile compensation options guests but not yet come.

90 + 4th Malmo - Chelsea Then it s over! Chelsea beats Malmo with 1: 0 !

90 + 2 Malmö -. Chelsea Thiago Silva gets from whistles, the Brazilian can be a lot of time when you execute a free kick. Now Chelsea is playing for time.

90 . Malmo - Chelsea The extra time is displayed three minutes still draufgeschlagen.

90 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg referee Dias arranges five minutes of stoppage time in the second half.

89 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg Salzburg is launching the Danes Kjaergaard another talent into play. The tall midfielder replaced Camara.

88 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg Kristensen comes right in the penalty area from about eleven meters to shoot. The conclusion towards short corner holds Casteels fixed sure.

88 . Malmo - Chelsea Malmö plays only long balls forward, hoping above all to a good degree by Colak. So far, the striker but is well served by the Blues defenders.

87 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg For a bad foul in midfield against Mbabu Salzburg captain Ulmer is shown the yellow card.

86 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg For Salzburg coach Jaissle this could be a historic night today, but in the negative sense. The former Bundesliga player from Hoffenheim threatened in Wolfsburg first competitive defeat as head coach of the Mozart city dwellers.

84 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg Casteels must make long! The VfL keeper deflected a shot by Sesko from about 22 meters towards the right corner just with your fingertips over the crossbar.

86 . Malmo - Chelsea Malmo exchanged again twice: Berget goes Larsson comes and Birmancevic should aggressively for rakip again provide risk.

83 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg Lukas Nmecha looks for locking the ball in a Salzburg free kick outside the penalty area.

80 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg Vranckx could not continue playing at VfL so actually. For him Mbabu comes to a brief appearance.

79 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg The Wolfsburgern a player is struck again and needs to be treated. This time it has caught Vranckx.

78 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg For today not really strong now Sucic person can use it as a joker Adamu at the Salzburg.

80 . Malmo - Chelsea Loftus Cheek comes against Olsson clearly too late, the midfielder of Blues is also cautioned.

78 . Malmo - Chelsea Havertz missed the decision! Barkley infected by half right through to the near post for German national player, who was failing from the right Fünfereck to Dahlin at the near post.

77 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg Salzburg now change for the last 13 minutes of normal time on the defensive. For Onguene-again Solet comes to his comeback.

76 . Malmo - Chelsea Chelsea is also a quarter-hour before closing on the opponent s penalty area found the Blues do not want to manage the boss only. A dangerous game, a lucky punch is always be trusted Malmo.

74 . Malmo - Chelsea And Malmo also exchanged again: Nalic comes for Nanasi.

74 . Malmo - Chelsea double substitution at Blues: Barkley comes for Ziyech and Pulišić Hudson-Odoi replaced.

73 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg Also Wolfsburg Gerhardt may now rest, it is replaced by Roussillon.

73 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg For the hosts, the Brazilian Paulo Otavio has good fifteen minutes before the end after work and for him comes Steffen onto the pitch.

71 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg The hosts Lacroix was injured, it looks for a possible strain from the French. He needs to be treated in any case, once on the field.

71 . Malmo - Chelsea 20 minutes to go in Malmo yet. we still see a hit or remains at 1: 0 for the Blues?

69 . Malmo - Chelsea Thiago Silva conceded the first warning of the match for a tactical foul.

68 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg Wolfsburg Brooks enters Aaronson quite violently to the foot and for that the defender is shown the yellow card.

. 67 Wolfsburg - Salzburg THe half of the second half is now around, the Wolfsburg lead against Salzburg with 2: 1 and may therefore League group stage Champions hoping for their first win in the current.

65 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg scorer Lukas Nmecha already has the next top chance in the foot. He initially claimed strongly right of the box then closes somewhat hasty volley from about eight meters off. This time, the Wolfsburg aiming a bit too high.

64 . Malmo - Chelsea Chelsea suppressed despite the leadership hit further forward, the Blues want to make everything clear with a second goal. Malmo can not really react aggressively.

63 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg Salzburg s first move to bring the now rather weak Adeyemi Slovenian national team Sekso.

63 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg The Wolfsburg goes Weghorst after the hour from the field and for him Lukebakio comes into play.

62 . Malmo - Chelsea Chelsea would thus currently draw level on points with Juventus, but the Blues still have to wait the game of Turin in the evening against Zenit. Malmo hand, would be eliminated from the Champions League in any case.

60th Toooooooooor! VFL WOLFSBURG - FC Salzburg 2: 1! Luke Nmecha hits the near post! After a ball loss of Sucic Wolfsburg swap easily, the ball comes to the right into the box on Luke Nmecha and the offensive man then pops out quite a tight angle, the leather easy to 2:. 1 high inside the near post

60 . Malmo - so Chelsea Ziyech scored his first goal of the season, the winger scored a goal yet this season in the Premier League. Only in the UEFA Super Cup against Villareal, the Moroccan striker was successful.

57 Wolfsburg -. Salzburg In the first ten Minutenn after the restart it is already very intense back and forth between Wolfsburg and Salzburg. Both teams had already dangerous in the second half degrees.

57 . Malmo - Chelsea Malmö responded immediately with two changes: Rieks leaves the grass for Olsson and Lewicki is for Pena. Both changes are positional true at first glance.

  1. Toooor! Malmö FF - FC Chelsea 0: 1! Ziyech breaks the spell! Hanctz plays a superior steep pass to the right on Hudson Odoi, which serves the inlet ending Ziyech on the long post with a flat long ball. The Moroccan is completely alone there and easily pushes a short distance.

54 . Of course, Malmö - Chelsea Chelsea can allow a defeat, but the blues would certainly have little chance on the group win. Malmö actually needs three counters to have fate in one s own hand and at least to take there three sights.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg The Salzburg games in the penalty area again. There sucic fits to the left to Okafor and its flat shot is just too harmless to bring caskets seriously into danger.

  2. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Wolfsburg Lukas Nmecha pulls off from the right of the penalty area from about 17 meters towards the short corner. Goalkeeper Köhn can safely parry the flat shot

52 . Malmö - Chelsea Malmö Try it with a corner of the right side, but does not come to the end. It stays with Colak s attempt from the first pass that went to the gate of Mendy.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Adeyemi comes to a top chance as early as the first half. The German national player disengages Brooks and pushes the ball over about eleven meters just down at the bottom right past the gate.

50 . Malmö - Chelsea Loftus-Cheek tries it after passing from Christensen in the right half room with a dribbling, but fails to two counterparts. Malmö stands still extremely well against the ball.

48 . Malmö - Chelsea Both teams are waiting for a wait from the cabin, Chelsea assumes the game building as expected. The great opportunities remain further.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Both trainers renounced personnel changes and continues to trust their respective starting formations.

Champions League: Tuesday conference today in Liveticker - kick-off 2nd half

  1. Continue in Wolfsburg.

  2. Continue! The ball rolls back in Malmö!

Wolfsburg - Salzburg At the half of the Champions League encounter between the VfL Wolfsburg and the FC Salzburg it is 1: 1. First, the hosts were already in the 3rd minute by Baku in the lead, in a further consequence, an extremely intensive impact exchange developed. The Salzburg releases after half an hour by a Wöber free kick, after the Wolfsburgs after the guided tour is a bit too much.

Malmö - Chelsea Malmö plays the best half of his previous Champions League season so far. The Sweden are deformed tremendously stable, even if Jon Dahl Tomasson should have vented a few times a few times just before the break. Colak was offensive and again some ordinary actions, as a whole, it was in the game forward but too thin. Chelsea, on the other hand, had thoroughly promising opportunities through Hanctz and Ziyech and benefited from the uncertain Dahlin, as a whole, the blues beamed too little danger. Thomas Tuchel will have to come up with some things in the pause to penetrate the concrete of the hosts.

Champions League: Tuesday conference today in the LiveTicker - half-time break

      1. Halftime in Malmö! With a 0: 0, both teams go to the cabin!
      1. Halftime in Wolfsburg. It is 1: 1 for the break!

43 . Malmö - Chelsea Just before the pause, Chelsea presses again, but guests still have no one hundred percent opportunities. Malmö defended with a lot of force UDN discipline, sometimes see if the Swedes can hold that in the second round.

41 . Malmö - Chelsea 43. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Okafor is slightly struck after a hard but fair tackling of Arnold, but it should continue for the Swiss.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg At a counterattack of the Salzburg, Aaronson can only control the ball just outside the penalty area and therefore the accumulated Adeyemi waits in vain for a pass. Ultimately, the American must then complete himself. His shot of about 18 meters is not a big challenge for Castels.

  2. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Good five minutes before the break, the exchange of the two teams will be more intense again. So it was already in the first 20 minutes and the cost two teams neatly power.

39 . Malmö - Chelsea Hudson-Odoi misses the degree! Hanctz serves the Englishman right on the long post, where Hudson-Odoi but delayed more and more. At the end, Malmö pushes the youngster successfully.

37 . Malmö - Chelsea Chelsea still has more than 70 percent of all ball campaigns, the guests dominate the game in this regard. Malmö throws clover in front of his own goal and prevents a goal prevents so far.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Once again, the Wolfsburgs on the outer train are carried out, after a flank from the left to the long post, the leg still gets away and nudges the ball in the fall of about seven meters scarce About the gate.

  2. Wolfsburg - Salzburg DFB-National Trainer Flick is also on the tribune in Wolfsburg today. So he can watch Salzburg s Adeyemi live among other things. 15 years ago Flick also worked for a short time with the Salzburgers, was assistant from Giovanni Trapattoni.

35 . Malmö - Chelsea Dahlin is still uncertain! After a Ziyech flank from the right, the Swede initially dives under the ball before clapping a flat shot of Alonso from 18 meters left position forward. Berget also cleans up the situation.

33 . Malmö - Chelsea Chelsea come to the front and again, but this is offensively too thin from the team of Thomas Tuchel. The blues definitely do not deliver their best seasonal performance today.

31 . Malmö - Chelsea 15 minutes until the break! Let s see a hit or remains at the 0: 0?

29 . Malmö - Chelsea HAVERTZ! Hudson-Odoi stands out from the left half-room to the German international, which comes to the left in the penalty area from eight meters to conclusion. Dahlin comes from his box and prevents worse.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Camara and Weghorst are quite violently collided with an air duel. Both actors must currently be treated on the field.

  2. TOOOOOOOOOOR! VFL Wolfsburg - FC Salzburg 1: 1! Wöber meets by free kick! The defender swings the ball from about 23 meters left over the wall and then the leather turns on the right in the corner. Castels is even slightly striking with the fingertips, but can no longer prevent the goal.

  3. Wolfsburg - Salzburg WEGHORST helps in the defensive, commits a tactical foul game against Camara in front of the own goal. For this, the Dutch sees the first yellow card of today s encounter.

27 . Malmö - Chelsea Christensen must intervene defensively! Colak stands out on the right corner banner against Marcos Alonso and lays flat to the center on Nanasi, who tries to turn around Christensen. But the Dane still has the foot in between and is robust.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Salzburg s Seiwald maintains itself very much left in the penalty area, fits the ball just before the goal line to the short post. There is none of his teammates, but only Wolfsburg s goalkeeper Castels.

  2. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Weghorst is served with a passport in the depth, but the Dutch is then too slow in the sprint duel against Onguene. The Wolfsburger striker Foult his opponent and thus there is free kick for the Salzburg instead of a possible top chance for the VfL.

25 . Malmö - Chelsea Sometimes Chelsea is stronger, repeatedly penetrating Ziyech and Hvertz in the opposing penalty area. Malmö has to be careful not to act too passively.

23 . Malmö - Chelsea Da on the lawn currently happened, a small fact on the edge: With 103 Champions League lots, Malmos overall squad has just twelve games more on the account as Thiago Silva. Meanwhile, the Brazilian has little to do in the internal defense of the blues.

21 . Malmö - Chelsea Chelsea presents itself mainly by Jorginho Eisy sure in the game with the ball, but is often mentally a step too slow in the switching game. Malmö can position itself as ideal against the ball without losing the overview.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg With the guided tour in the back Wolfsburg makes the rear tight and lurks on offensive needlesticks.

17 . Malmö - Chelsea Rüdiger, Christensen and Thiago Silva push the game device in the defensive back and forth, barely find a playstation in the center and on the outer paths. Malmö is still really good.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg The Salzburg today has the opportunity to qualify prematurely for the K.O. Phase in the Champions League today. But this would not be the case because the guests are in arrears with 0: 1. On the other hand, Wolfsburg is on course towards the first victory in the current group stage. So far, the Lower Saxony merely brought two draws and lost last in Salzburg.

  2. Wolfsburg - Salzburg The fast OKFOR overflows to the right of the penalty area first Brooks, the defender picks up the Salzburger but then wins the crucial duel. Thus, Brooks can still clarify this delicate situation after he first had a little overrun by Okafor.

15 . Malmö - Chelsea Are the first small pinets of the blues, worried should not be Malmö of it. The Swedes so far provide a lightning spell at the beginning of the year, worn by loud fans on the ranks.

13 . Malmö - Chelsea Azpilicueta times with the degree! Alonso lays back on the left of the baseline on the Spanish international, which attracts his attempt from 15 meters left position flat to the short corner. Dahlin can not hold the attempt - Corner Chelsea.

11 . Malmö - Chelsea The encounter has seen a little calmed after a strong initial phase of the guests, Chelsea is still the game-determining team. However, graduates can not be derived from this.

9 . Malmö - Chelsea Colak repeatedly lurking on ball losses of the blues centrally before the opposing sixteen, so far the former Hoffenheimer born in Ludwigsburg but hardly comes to the train. At the weekend Colak had hit twice in the Allsvenskan.

7 . Malmö - Chelsea Malmö makes Clever the center, the hosts have so far against the ball against it. From 0: 4 from the first leg, the Tomasson eleven seems to have learned a lot.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Good ten minutes are played in the game between Wolfsburg and Salzburg, the hosts lead through a goal of Baku with 1: 0. But Salzburg did not need long to recover from the goal, the Mozartstädter runs again with all the power.

  2. Wolfsburg - Salzburg again Sucic is the focus, this time at a free kick for the Salzburg from the right on the penalty area. He shoots the ball directly into the wall, which wipes the leather into the goal. There is at least a corner for the Austrian serial master.

  3. Wolfsburg - Salzburg Salzburg Sucic moves off from about 25 meters of Volley. The shot of the Croatian U21 national player is only very close to the door.

  4. Wolfsburg - Salzburg After the Salzburger went in the home game against Wolfsburg early in the lead, exactly this succeeds in the second leg to the VfL.

3 . TOOOOOOOOOOOR! VfL Wolfsburg - FC Salzburg 1: 0! Baku slides to the early lead! The Wolfsburgs come on the left side of the penalty area via Gerhardt to the baseline and he adjusts the ball to the long post. There Baku rushes and pushes the ball from about six meters to the 1-0 for the hosts in the right corner.

  1. Wolfsburg - Salzburg The Salzburg will come to a top chance. Okafor serves Adeyemi at the penalty area with a passport in depth. The German international in rows of the Salzburg is still disturbed by Arnold at the end and so Adeyemi pushes the leather from about eight, nine meters left at the gate.

5 . Malmö - Chelsea First smaller excitement in the penalty area The hosts, Hvertz lacks a shooting attempt to the left of the penalty point against Ahmedhodzic. At first glance, this looks like a foul of Bosnian international, but Hvertz has brought himself by his shooting attempt but even.

3 . Malmö - Chelsea The blues are left to the beginning of Malmö the ball, the hosts begin again. Given the guests of Thomas Tuchel will not get their third season win.

2 . Wolfsburg - Salzburg The Salzburg will come to a top chance. Okafor serves Adeyemi at the penalty area with a passport in depth. The German international in rows of the Salzburg is still disturbed by Arnold at the end and so Adeyemi pushes the leather from about eight, nine meters left at the gate.

Champions League: Tuesday conference today in the Livetick - kick-off

  1. Let s start in Wolfsburg.

  2. LOSS! The ball rolls in Malmö.

Champions League: Tuesday conference today in the live ticker - before starting

Malmö FF: Dahlin - Ahmedhodzic, L. Nielsen, Brorsson - Berget, Pena, Innocent, Nanasi, Rieks - Rakip, Colak

FC Chelsea : E. Mendy - Christensen, Thiago Silva, Rüdiger - Azpilicueta, Loftus-Cheek, Jorginho, Marcos Alonso, Ziyech, Hudson-Odoi - HAVERTZ

VfL Wolfsburg: Castels - Lacroix, Guilavogui, Brooks - R. Baku, Vranckx, Arnold, Paulo Otavio - L. Nmecha, Weghorst, Gerhardt

RB Salzburg: Köhn - Kristensen, Onguené, Wöber, Ulm - Camara, Seiwald, Sucic, Aaronson - Okafor, Adeyemi

Before starting: At first, there are the standings for the two early games.

Before starting: From 21 clock it goes on with six parallel plays. Bayern München welcomes Benfica Lisbon, FC Barcelona at Dynamo Kiev, which is FC Villarreal opposite the Young Boys Bern opposite, Atalanta Bergamo challenges Manchester United, the FC Seville takes it up with France Master Osc Lille and Juventus Turin wants against Zenit St., Petersburg bring his fourth success in the fourth group game.

Before starting: Which encounters expect us today? The beginning makes the VfL Wolfsburg with his home game against RB Salzburg. Being is at 18.45. The Lower Saxony are still there without a point, so urgently need a victory to preserve the chance for a European overwinter. Parallel duel Malmö FF and the FC Chelsea.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker! Here in the conference, today you will be up to date on all eight Champions League lots on the 4th matchday.

Champions League: Tuesday conference today live in the TV and Livestream

The royal class you see today both at Dazn and at amazon Prime Video in the Livestream. Bayern Munich s duel with Benfica Lisbon runs in single game exclusively at amazon Prime, the rest on Dazn. Dazn shows Bayern but also - as part in the conference.

Both Dazn and amazon Prime Video are chargeable. At Dazn you can choose between a monthly subscription (14.99 euros per month, canceled at any time) and an annual subscription (149.99 euros), with amazon the royal class is already included in the prime membership. So if you have to have them long ago, you do not have to do anything else, do not close anything in addition, there are no further costs.

Articles and videos about the topic Messi misses PSG against RB Leipzig That s behind Adeyemis Torjubel Chelsea worries: Tuchel gives update Experience the Champions League live on Dazn. Register now!

If you do not own the prime membership yet: it costs 7.99 euros per month, with a one-time payment - if it should be a year - it would be 69,00 Euro and thus only 5.75 euros per month. Initially, 30 days to the sample are free.


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