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Bright Diamond Contest Guide and Bright Pokémon Pearls

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are already available. Players can immerse themselves in Singh and embark again on their adventure to defeat all Singh gym leaders, facing the galactic team and confronting Elite 4. If not only are you happy fighting with your Pokémon, there are also Pokémon contests, there are also Pokémon contests, A hybrid / talent show contest so that your Pokémon competes to show its most popular quality. This guide of the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl contest will review the differences in the new contest system and what you can do to have a competitive advantage.

The contests are located in Heart home City, you will have to come to this building as part of the story. The contests are not a form of battle for your Pokémon to show his things. This is not the first time that competitions appear in the Pokémon Games, but with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a new twist has been given. The contests used to develop as a kind of battle in which you selected different attacks and where you were in the order of shift, or what your opponents had done, you could earn bonus points to attract the public, now it is a very different type. Of contest

Whats new in the contests?

In the past, the contests were a way that Pokémon used his movements to show how good they were in certain categories. While the categories have been maintained as competitions so that the Pokémon enter, the movements now no longer have their own category configuration. You can no longer be trapped in certain loads when you postulate for competitions. These categories are as follows:

Freshness. Beauty MONEY.

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You can enter any Pokémon in the normal range of each of these contests. To enter them at the upper Great, Ultra and Master Rank level, you must have successfully overcome the previous range with that Pokémon.

Instead of the contests have a battle design as they did in the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, they are now carried out as a rhythm game. Touch along with the rhythm or keep the rhythm where you are indicated to encourage the crowd. It is a single button rhythm game, so you do not have to worry about anything too complicated, just be sure to touch the notes where you can. The more you approach the rhythm and win Bright! Comments, more points you will get. After selecting a special attack that you can use to surprise the crowd, they will take you to the contest arena. Find a good time to use your special attack and earn extra points for your performance.

At the end of the song, all participating Pokémon will be classified and the one who has the greatest audience attractiveness will become the victor.

The contest is divided into three sections.

Visual — This is determined by its entrance of Ball Capsules and Pokémon Dance — This is a single button rhythm game in which you must touch or hold the button Move — This is determined by the exaggeration obtained with the contest attack of your Pokémon

How to give my Pokémon the competitive advantage?

The easiest way to make your Pokémon more attractive in battles is to mix Coffins and give them to your colleagues. You can make Coffins throughout Singh, the closest location to the contest room is Amity Square Garden. The Coffins you think will each have your own statistics that will boost, if you look at the Coffin in your Coffin case, you will be able to see specifically what statistics will affect.

Be careful when picking up berries to convert them into Coffins since bad combinations will result in the creation of Foul Coffins!

Each Pokémon has a maximum amount of Coffins that you can feed. This is represented by its brightness value. If you try to balance a Pokémon in all categories, you can only get to a certain extent. It is recommended to choose a statistic you want to maximize for certain Pokémon. Each Pokémon will also have different foods that can contribute to increase statistics.

Another way to improve the attractiveness of your Pokémon is to create a stylized ball capsule with all different stickers and effects that unlock along your trip. Take your time to consider the category and stickers at your disposal when you decide how to configure them. At the beginning of the game, you will find that you lack stickers to add to your Ball Capsules, but as long as you continue interacting with NPC and progress in history, you will find that your collection will increase.

How do I get stickers for the Capsules Ball?

You can get more stickers when completing a variety of requirements:

Defeat gym leaders Talk to PJ at random Buy them in Sunshine Market

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