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Amazon's new world accidentally gives too much gold to players

That of Amazon New World has experienced some problems since its release in September. A few weeks ago, a dupe problem occurred, which caused the new world servers to close. There has been a dramatic drop in the number of players since its initial release, which is not surprising, as this often happens with the new MMO. But as errors, it is mostly harmless and even quite funny.

Especially it was the developer's hand. According to reports, on the EU server, new world players received 300,000 pieces of gold. It's a lot of gold. Normally, a certain compensation is paid on the MMO servers, as a way to compensate for the maintenance for maintenance, or to reward players who stay with them after the game updates. Sometimes, for both at a time. But, as has written one of the developers, simply known as Lane in an ad, this database change has mistakenly granted very large sums not reflecting the amounts planned because it is Acts mainly to pay taxes in the game, not like the big bonus. Allowed.

DEVS DUPED GOLD ACCIDENTALLY, servers in CHAOS, GEAR NOT RETURNED crazy New World News In addition, after the madness of the player's expenses, the developers have again put the EU server offline to see if they could reduce the amount of gold given. But from what they could see, what has been done was done. The only way to correct the gold error was to reduce the server before gold is emitted. It also means back to before maintaining the database. So wholesale, New World had to come back even before having made some fixes.

And moreover, a few players were also struck by a character restore failed state because they tried to transfer between 12:45 and 15:00 CET, before the closing of the EU server. So, not great.

But given the exploitation of gold and other problems with the New World, this situation seems much harmless than harmful.

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