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The players of the new world who exploit the gold duplication glitch will be banned

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NEW WORLD has just received a new update that allows server transfer. However, the code behind this last update seemed pretty defective because he sent several players in a Character Persist Failed state. In this condition, players will have the opportunity to send gold to others without losing their own gold.

The character of the new world that has been transferred, after receiving an error message, can send gold to other players who do not encounter the same error. After recharging the game, the gold they sent will return to their inventory, but the deposit to the other player will remain. Apparently, many players from the New World began to exploit this problem and duplicated gold in massive amounts.

Amazon is already aware of what s going on and they have registered everything. They published a statement reminiscent of New World players that intentionally exploiting a problem on this scale is contrary to the game code of the game.

From the beginning of the transfers, we have identified a small number of characters who, after moving the servers, are in an invalid data state that prevents their character from registering correctly. , Wrote Amazon in his statement. We have corrected the characters in this state this morning.

However, Amazon also warned the players of the new world who exploited the error. Certain players among this small set has transferred gold or objects while their character was affected, have they pursued. All these transactions are recorded in our database.

For the moment, Amazon is revision all these transactions say in the New World. Any player found deliberately using this condition to get an advantage will be banned for operation , Amazon added. We also delete objects or gold received if any.

According to the New World Code of Conduct, it is contrary to the rules of exploiting bugs or other involuntary uses of the functionality of the game. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a disloyal game and take the corrective action we deem appropriate. , Amazon said. We still do not know if the banned players of the new world will definitely be forbidden to play.

What do you think of Amazon s decision to ban the players who have exploited the bug? Let us know in the comments below.

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